今ハマっているアルバム ヤバイTシャツ屋さん「Tank-top Festival in Japan」: Albums I’m into now

 どうしようもなく,楽しいアルバムです。昨年末12月19日にリリースされた,ヤバイTシャツ屋さんの3rdアルバム「Tank-top Festival in Japan」,とっても気に入っています。収録されている13曲中5曲は,シングルですでに聴いていましたが,アルバムの中での配置がよくできているせいか,全て新鮮に聞こえます。つんのめるように進行していく楽曲の勢い,また,たたみかけてくるコーラスや合いの手の気持ちよさに,意味もなく走り出したくなるほどです。

 This is somewhat really hilarious. Yabai T shirt Ya San’s 3rd album “Tank-top Festival in Japan” which is released in December 19th is one of my favorite albums now. I’ve already known five songs out of thirteen which are contained in this album through singles, but I can enjoy all the songs as if all of them are new ones probably due to the well-thought-out arrangement of the songs. The momentum of tunes that is almost pitching forward, or the rapid-fire chorus and interjections makes me feel so good and I somehow feel an urge to run around.

【全曲トレーラー】ヤバイTシャツ屋さん 3rd FULL ALBUM「Tank-top Festival in JAPAN」



 Words of every song were so playful that they make me giggles all the time. They have “T shirt” in band’s name but they sing about “tank top” as they’ve done, and they put “Bomber” to the word “dosue”, a Kyoto dialect which somehow sounds humorous, then they sing emotionally about a pair of shoes which has rollers under their heels as if it is a social problem. The one most hilarious for me is the sixth song titled “Otona no Jijyo”, a fantastic ballad with words which explain the reason why they had to give up a song to be contained in this album even though the song was already recorded. If their songs are merely comical, I’m sure I could get tired of them after listening just several times, but actually the quality of their songs is really high so I listen to them more, the more I get into them.

 This year, I hope they can appear on Kohaku Utagssen, but at the same time I hope they wouldn’t lose their student-like atmosphere, in this sense, they are a somewhat rare band.   

Tank-top Festival in JAPAN(初回限定盤)(DVD付)

Tank-top Festival in JAPAN(初回限定盤)(DVD付)





数学者を扱った映画③「グッド・ウィル・ハンティング」: Movies about mathematicians③”Good Will Hunting”


 I want to call it a masterpiece. This movie is surely the one featuring a mathematician, but this is a perfectly fiction so totally different from those two movies I mentioned these last two times. The main character of this movie is certainly a genius in mathematics, but it is not a success story in which he achieves something showing his skills fully. His mathematical talent is just supposed to be characteristic of him and it is also an important element for an encounter which is a significant part in this movie.

グッド・ウィル・ハンティング/旅立ち - 予告編 (字幕版)



 Will Hunting is a young guy, twenty, who works as a janitor at MIT. Will, who is from South Boston, is a cheeky delinquent and always hang around with bad company causing troubles.

 One day, Gerald Lambeau, a professor of mathematics at MIT, posts a difficult mathematics problem on a blackboard in the hallway. This problem was given to graduate students, actually, but the one who solves easily it was somehow anonymous. Lambeau posts another problem which is more difficult than first one to challenge the person. Lambeau happens to find a young guy writing the answer on the blackboard, and the guy is Will, the janitor. After shaking off the professor who tries to catch him, he faces trial for a brawl, but he avoids imprisonment in exchange for accepting Lambeau’s offer to be fulfilled. The offer requires him to study mathematics under Lambeau and take rehabilitation therapy. However, Will treats some therapists with mockery, so Lambeau ends up asking his college roommate Dr. Sean Maguire who is now a psychologist, to take care of Will…….


 Actually, I’m not a big fan of either Matt Damon or Robin Williams. Even so, they were so attractive that I somehow felt affection for them. Will doesn’t open up to Sean at first, too. However, they gradually make friends, beyond the relationship between a therapist and his patient, through hurting and telling their true feelings each other. The process is depicted scrupulously, agreeably, and then the fact they have the same kind of unfortunate early background comes out so the audience feel deep empathy for them. At the same time, episodes about Will’s love or friendship are depicted vividly blending typical American jokes or humors.


 This movie, which is produced in 1997, was the one that made Matt Damon famous and based on his own script. It is not available on Amazon Prime for free, but you can see it at about 200 yen. I saw it after a long interval. I was glad to find Lambeau referring to Ramanujan Ramanujan, who I mentioned the other day, when he talks about Will’s talent. At the credit roll, I imagined about Will’s future hearing “Afternoon Delight”. I deepened my impression that this is surely a great movie. 


数学者を扱った映画②「イミテーション・ゲーム/エニグマと天才数学者の秘密」: Movies about mathematicians②”The Imitation Game”


 This movie is also the one that satisfies someone who is humanities-oriented but interested in science secretly. This movie titled “The Imitation Game” which is released in 2014 exceeds “The Man Who Knew Infinity”, the one I mentioned last time, in some points like how well the characters are known or how much the events that happens in it are famous. so I can say this one is rather easy to have interest in it and quite entertaining.The main character is a mathematician called Alan Turing who is famous for developing a virtual machine called “Turing’s machine” which is generally recognized as an original form of computers.




 In the late 1920s, Turing who was difficult to work with by nature spent his obscure student life in the dormitory of Cambridge University. He became passionately interested in cryptography through the influence of his sole friend named Christopher Morcom but Morcom died of tuberculosis.

 In 1939, The Second World War started and The U.K. also declared war against Germany, a cryptography team was organized to decrypt the Enigma machine which the Nazis developed to send coded messages, and Turing was invited to join the team. At first, he tended to clash with other members but they began to understand how his ideas were useful in due course. However, he couldn’t get closer to the goal and then he was almost fired…….



 When you see this movie as a success story depicting the victory in information warfare which was actually a crucial point to decide the outcome of the Second World War, this movie could be taken as a really entertaining one. However, you can’t call it an exhilarating movie. Because this movie also makes you feel somewhat helpless and choked up over the sadness and seriousness of Turing’s life, but this is the very reason why I feel this movie is worth watching all the more.   

 You can see this video without charge on Amazon Prime for the time being.


数学者を扱った映画 「奇蹟がくれた数式」: Movies about mathematicians ”The Man Who Knew Infinity”



 I am a typically humanities-oriented person and I secretly admire someone who is science-oriented. I’ve always been delighted when I read Iwanami pocket edition book about physics or mathematics as if I could understand them.

  On Amazon Prime video, I found a movie which stimulates my curiosity. The movie is called “The Man Who Knew Infinity” released in England in 2015. The story is about an Indian mathematician named Srinivasa Ramanujan who really existed.

10/22公開 『奇蹟がくれた数式』予告編


  At the beginning of the 20th century a young guy called Ramanujan who lived in the city of Madras in India was recognized as someone who is really good at figures at his workplace so he was assigned as an accountant. The English employer and others at the workplace found Ramanujan having extraordinary abilities through his memos which he wrote down mathematical ideas on in his spare time, so they backed him up to go to England and study under Professor G. H. Hardy at University of Cambridge. However, what waited him who came there leaving his new bride in India was harsh reality. He suffered from restricted diets because of being a Hindu, racial prejudice, and, this is the most painful thing for him, being required to prove his theorems and formulas, which he intuitively got, whenever he tried to report them. Hardy made great efforts to support him to publish his articles.


 This movie was really serious far from entertaining, but I empathized with the main character so I cried sometimes while watching. I didn’t know the mathematician, Ramanujan, at all. As long as I can see from Wikipedia, his grades were not good enough in every subjects when he was a high school student, then he went to University on a scholarship but ended up dropping out because he was so absorbed only in mathematics that he failed in all the other subjects. Ramanujan who didn’t have proper education has finally died leaving many theorems unproved, so many mathematicians worked on them and they were finally done in 1997. His achievements are something that still contributes to the development of mathematics even now, including the formula for calculating the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. This movie is based on a biographical novel of the same name. I’d like to read it, too. 





読みハマる本 薬丸 岳著「天使のナイフ」:I can call this a page-turner  “Angel’s Knife” by Yakumaru Gaku


 I read a book that I can call it a page-turner. The book is “Angel’s Knife” by Yakumaru Gaku. This book which was published in 2005 won the Edogawa Rampo Prize. 

天使のナイフ (講談社文庫)

天使のナイフ (講談社文庫)



 Hiyama Takashi, who is a manager of a franchise café, lives alone with his daughter. His wife Shoko has died since about four years ago falling victim to a crime. She was stubbed to death with knives by three boys who broke into Hiyama’s place to steal money. They were arrested but they were under 14 so they were put under the probation officials without taking any responsibility for the crime, while Hiyama was left without any information about who they were or even their motive of the crime. Facing to irrational reality, he has been frustrated with sorrow because of the loss of his wife and pent-up anger even after all these four years. One day, a detective who was in charge of the case visits Hiyama’s café. What the detective tells him was that a boy has been killed in a park which is close to his café. The detective also tells him that the boy was one of three who killed his wife so Hiyama knows the reason why the detective came, then he notices he doesn’t have an alibi for the time when the boy was killed…….


 I was realized how difficult to handle juvenile delinquency. This book asks readers some serious questions about the meaning of such things as committing sins, judging a person, atoning one’s sins, and retrieving oneself. On top of that, this book also asks another question about human rights of the family of crime victims. This book never stops asking about what should be protected is until the ending of the story. I guess the ending could be somewhat controversial. However, it is really worth reading with the exciting development in the story.






Good cocktails in my favorite bar: 仏蘭西屋の美味しいカクテル「ビトウィーン・ザ・シーツ”Between the sheets”」


 The other day, I had a cocktail which I hadn't had for a long time and it has a name that sounds hinting something. The cocktail’s name is “Between the sheets”. I heard it is categorized as a “Night cap”, which are drinks that is suitable to have before going to bed, and it consists of the same amount of cognac, white rum, Triple sec, and a little bit lemon juice.



 This name “Between the sheets” perhaps reminds some people of an album which has the same name by The Isley Brothers. The title song which was released in 1983 has often been used as a source of sampling for Hip hop or R&B because it has impressive phrases. I used to listen to their songs released from Motown label, but this time I checked out and found many things about them I’ve never known so far so I was surprised. It seems like they debuted in 1950’s and since then they’ve been active for almost 60 years while some members have been leaving.  



  I don’t want this to be taken as a bad pun, but Amy Winehouse sung a song titled “Between the cheats” and I also love this song.

Amy Winehouse - Between the Cheats New Song 2011


  Let’s get back to the original topic, the cocktail is quite strong one and it has a refreshing taste so I can say it’s something rather keeps you awake than makes you sleepy. 

Between the Sheets

Between the Sheets



Songs I can’t get enough of: なぜか飽きない曲 キリンジ「乳房の勾配」


 The title makes me blush but I really love this song. I found this song in a compilation CD which one of my friends made for me several years ago. It seemed that the source was a record album so there was a lot of noises in it but I listened to it intently because the lyrics were so attractive.


 この曲はキリンジのどのアルバムにも入っていません。不思議に思っていたのですが,1998年に発売された「PRO-FILE of 11 Producers VOL.1」というオムニバスアルバムに収録されていることを後から知りました。このアルバムは現在,入手が難しいようです。「乳房の勾配」だけなら,2017年にデジタル配信されていて,すぐにダウンロードできます。キリンジの曲と言っても,この曲は作曲が冨田恵一さんですが,作詞は堀込兄弟の兄,高樹さんで,キリンジらしさは濃厚すぎるくらい出ています。

 This song is not contained in any KIRINJI’s albums. I wondered about it for some time, and afterward I knew it was contained in an omnibus album titled “PRO-FILE of 11 Producers VOL.1” released in 1998. It seems to be quite difficult to get the album now. However, you can download “Chibusa no kobai” easily because it was distributed online in 2017.  This song was surely performed by KIRINJI but the composer was Tomita Keiichi, even so the words were written by Takaki, the elder one of Horigome brothers so this song sounds, even a bit excessively, like KIRINJI.

キリンジ - 君の胸に抱かれたい


 If I have to choose another KIRINJI’s song, that should be “Kimi no mune ni dakaretai”. This song is contained in the 3rd album “3” released in 2000. I was amazed when I heard it for the first time because its introduction was so good. Even now, I get excited when I happened to hear this song which is so catchy that it can be called a Japanese typical pop music. I know it’s something after all this time, but I’m really sorry that the younger brother Yasuyuki decided to go solo and left the band. 

乳房の勾配 [feat. 冨田恵一]

乳房の勾配 [feat. 冨田恵一]