My impression of TV dramas : 中谷 美紀さん主演「あなたには帰る家がある」




 Some TV dramas which you didn’t anticipate them to be interesting at first could eventually be quite exhilarating one.

 When I started to watch a TV drama titled “Anata ni wa Kaeru Ie ga Aru” currently broadcast by Fuji TV station having the last episode next week, I didn’t expect it to be so enjoyable at all. I jumped to a conclusion that it would be just another love-affair melodrama, but the plot gradually has become unpredictable so I began to look forward to seeing every episode at some time or other.  


 The first reason I like it is that any episode in this drama wouldn’t be too serious. Each problem has been solved rather easily and the characters in the drama won’t be too extreme so you can watch it without anxiety. The plot which doesn’t go unnecessarily melodramatic might not be satisfying enough for someone who wants some stimulation, but even so the story is unpredictable and very attractive. The best part of the drama for me is that it shows some decent sense of values. I began to feel excited because I’ve found a character named Nasuda Taro played by Yuusuke Santamaria becoming very important in the plot.



 Yuusuke Santamaria is an entertainer who reminds me of some good TV programs. The one I particularly loved was a TV drama named “Flowers for Algernon”. His role in the drama was a young guy who is intellectually challenged by nature but becomes a kind of genius due to newly developed medicine, but eventually end up returning to the original state. The role seemed very difficult to play but Yuusuke did it so well that I was amazed by his geat performance. There is another one, which is not a drama, I remember Yuusuke appeared with Kuwata Keisuke was “Ongaku Torasan” by Fuji TV station. The comical conversations between them was so exhilarating that I always watched it giggling.

  I’m looking forward to seeing what the last episode will be like next Friday.   

A movie that made me smile but also cry 笑って泣ける映画:「50 First Dates (50回目のファースト・キス)」


  現在公開中の邦画,「50回目のファースト・キス」は現在のところ興行成績がよいようです。山田孝之さんも長澤まさみさんも興味のある俳優さんなので,いつか見てみたいと思っています。アマゾンプライムビデオで,このオリジナル版である米映画,「50 First Dates」を観てみました。無料ではなく,百円でしたが,ちっとも惜しいと思わないくらい素晴らしい作品でした。

 A Japanese movie now on release titled “50 Kaime no First Kiss” seems to be a box-office success. The main actors, Yamada Takayuki and Nagasawa Masami, are the ones I’m pretty interested in, so I want to see the movie sometime in the future. I watched the original version of this movie, an American movie titled “50 First Dates”, on Amazon Prime Video. It was not free but costs one hundred yen, even so I felt the movie was worth more than that and I’was sure it was really a fabulous one.   


 I have an impression that there are quite a few movies in which some characters lose their short-term memory in recent years. I tend to feel that those kind of movies are too difficult to understand or be fed up with too many repeated scenes. However, I was absorbed in watching this movie sometimes smiling and sometimes crying without any concern.



 When you find a movie good, you naturally want to know about actors in the movie. I was surprised to know that Drew Barrymore who played the main character Lucy had played the sister of the main character in “E.T.”. Plus, I soon recognized an actor to have appeared in the TV drama “24”. He was Sean Astin who played the temporary Director of CTU in the fifth seoson, Lynn McGill (his last moment was pathetic……)

 主人公ルーシーが口ずさみ,エンドロールでも流れる曲は,ビーチボーイズの「Wouldn't It Be Nice」でした。60年代の名盤と称えられる「ペットサウンズ」の冒頭に入っている曲です。このアルバムが後世に与えている影響の大きさはよく言われることですが,思い付くだけでも,フリッパーズギターの「ヘッド博士の世界塔」やクリスマス映画「ラブ・アクチュアリー」などいたるところで見られます。

 A song Lucy sang in the movie and played at the credit roll was “Wouldn’t it be nice” by Beach Boys. This song was the first one in an album titled “Pet Sounds” which is so famous as an excellent recording in 60’s. It is often said that the impact the album made on future generations was really tremendous. The songs in the album could be seen in many situations,  I can come up with even now a few things like “DOCTOR HEAD'S WORLD TOWER” by The Flipper's Guitar, “Love Actually” a Christmas movie and so on. 

Pet Sounds

Pet Sounds












Songs I’m attracted now. 勝手に注目中 吉田凜音「サイダー」

吉田凜音「サイダー」ミュージックビデオshort ver.


 When it comes to hip-hop, I only know De La Soul who was popular in 90’s or Charisma.com in recent years. However, I was amazed when I heard “Rinne Rap” by Yoshida Rinne. I checked her songs on YouTube immediately to be fascinated by a cute girl who looks like in her teens singing cool . Since then I bought some her tunes on Amazon Digital Music, and each of them was so good that I listened to it intently. My favorite one, for the time being, is “Cider” which matches the coming season.  


 “Cider” is a piece from the album released in last summer. The latest album is “Seventeen” released in April this year. This album seems available only on CD so you can’t buy it as digital form. As far as I listened to the pieces from the album on YouTube, each and every one of them sounds quite good. It stirs up my interest that some creators I like joined this album such as Tsuno Maisa from Akai Kouen writing some lyrics or Kenmochi Hidehumi from Suiyoubi no Campanella composing some songs. I want to buy the album sometime soon. 





【吉田凜音】RINNE HIP「原宿でshowtime」1st story〜6th story


Where is the world I loved before? : 大好きだったあの世界は今? 岩館真理子の世界⑤「きみは3丁目の月」



 Iwadate mariko’s fantastic world, published in weekly Margaret, seemed to have been going underground after “Watashi ga Ningyo ni Natta Hi”.  At the same time, the characters of girls who appeared in Iwadate’s manga had changed from shy, daydreaming ones to rather egoistic, selfish ones. The main character of “Oishii Kankei” is a girl who has an affair with her high-school teacher, and Souko who appears in “Marude Shabon” takes away a man from her cousin named Setsuko. (It’s not so melodramatic as it sounds, though.)   



 You can see the most selfish main character ever, named Rutsu, in “Kimi wa 3choume no Tsuki”. Rutsu, who is extremely dependent on her younger brother Akira, is so exhilaratingly sloppy and wayward that her behavior almost makes you giggle many times. This humor which leads to “Reizouko ni Pineapple Pie” later is the very reason why her works are loved by many other authors such as Eguchi Hisashiu, Yoshimoto Banana and so on.

 I’d like to see such a delightfully wayward character like Rutsu in Iwadate’s new works.

Where is the world I loved before? : 大好きだったあの世界は今? 江口寿史の世界


すすめ!!パイレーツ 完全版 第8巻

すすめ!!パイレーツ 完全版 第8巻




 I’ve loved gag comics since I was a little boy. I’ve never forgotten the impact I felt when I read “Gaki Deka” in a weekly comic magazine named Shonen champion, as I was in the lower grade in elementary school. I was so influenced by the manga that I always struck a pose saying “Shikei” whenever I can. I look back with nostalgia on the day when  my father took the comic away from me because I did it too much. After that, I was so into “Toilet Hakase” that I always tried to say “Matanki” anytime I can to end up being frowned on by others. Now I’m sure that I was just excited by some obscene gag without knowing how the works were valuable because I was too little to be able to know that.

 Then I was absorbed in a gag manga which has something, so to speak, the humor of a situation, not just a quick, tricky gag nor obscene one. The manga was “Susume!! Pirates” by Eguchi Hisashi which had been serialized in Shonen Jump.

  前回,Shiggy Jr.についてふれた際に,江口寿史さんのイラストにも言及しました。「すすめ!!パイレーツ」に惹かれたのも,まずは絵のうまさでした。出てくる女の子が実にキュートで,勝手に胸をときめかせていました。その上に,それまでに味わったことのないような可笑しみがちりばめられており,笑いが止まりませんでした。また,そのころの流行りや勢いのあったミュージシャン,他の漫画のパロディなどが巧みに作中に取り込まれていました。初めてサザンオールスターズを知ったのもこの作品においてでした。粳寅満次(うるとらまんじ)というキャラが隙あらば「今何時!」と歌ってみせて周りを翻弄する場面に大喜びしたのを覚えています。ギャグ漫画とはいえ,読む者の価値観を豊かにする力をもった作品があると思えば,サブカルというものの持つ力を今更ながら実感します。

 Last time I wrote an article about a band named Shiggy Jr. and I mentioned Eguchi Hisashi’s illustration in the blog. The first reason why I was attracted by “Susume!! Pirates” was his great skill in illustrating. He illustrated girls so cute that I was excited by them with my heart pounding. On top of that, the manga was full of humor I had never felt before so I couldn’t stop laughing while I was reading it.  Plus, some of the latest trends in those days, some popular musicians and parodies of other manga appeared in it, for example, I came to know the band Southern All Stars for the first time by reading it. I remember I was really overjoyed at a hilarious character named Ultra Manji who tried to shout “Ima Nanji!” whenever he got chances to do so. Even though it was just a gag manga, I felt it had a power to widen readers sense of values so I’m realizing now how subculture has great power to our life.  


Songs good to listen to during the rainy season : 梅雨に聴きたい曲 Shiggy Jr. 「keep on raining」






 数年前のことですが,ミュージックマガジンで一つのバンドの記事を見かけました。Shiggy Jr.という名のバンドで,紹介されていたアルバムのジャケットにまず心惹かれました。女性の顔が大きく描かれていたのですが,それは明らかに江口寿史さんのイラストでした。80年代に十代だった世代にとって,江口寿史さんの描く女の子はまさに理想でした。と同時に抜群のギャグセンスに魅了されたものでした。

 It is the gloomy rainy season now, but even so I feel cheerful whenever I hear a refreshing song played.

 I read an article about a band in Music Magazine several years ago. The band was named Shiggy Jr., and what fascinated me first was a jacket of their album. A face of a girl was illustrated largely on it and I immediately recognized it as the one illustrated by Eguchi Hisashi. For the generation who were in their teens in 80’s, images of girls illustrated by Eguchi Hisashi were, in a way, their ideals. At the same time, they were attracted by his extraordinary sense of humor.

 「ジャケ買い」という言葉はもうほとんど死語と思いますが,それに近い気持ちでアマゾンのデジタルミュージックでアルバムをチェックし,数曲を購入しました。あまりにも爽やかな曲調と瑞々しい女性ボーカルの声に衝撃を受けました。これでもかというキャッチーな曲のオンパレードでしたが,中でも心を奪われたのが「keep on raining」という曲でした。今の季節にピッタリの曲です。

 Shiggy Jr.は先月末にニューアルバム「KICK UP!! E.P.」を出したばかりのようです。まだ試聴しただけですが,なかなかよさそうです。

  I guess the phrase “buying only because of the jacket” is already on its way out but with almost the feeling that way I checked and bought some their songs on Amazon’s Digital Music. I was amazed by so pleasant air of their song and the refreshing voice of the female vocalist. It was an overwhelming succession of catchy tunes and the one fascinated me most was “keep on raining”. It really goes well with this season.

 It seemed that Shiggy Jr. released a New album titled “KICK UP!! E.P” at the end of last month. I just gave it a try, but it sounded good to me.






Shiggy Jr. / 恋したらベイベー MUSIC VIDEO

A new album I’m into now : 椎名林檎トリビュートアルバム 「アダムとイヴの林檎」






 The other day, I was absorbed in reading an article in a blog. What is written there was a review of a tribute album to Shiina Ringo.


 Speaking of Adam and Eve, what comes into my mind is the forbidden fruit. I can’t help eating it. So I immediately bought the album to listen to it intently. 


 The contents are as follows.




 First, I was fascinated by the gorgeous lineup of the artists who joined this album. I was surprised to see even Inoue Yousui joining it. (Is that because he is from Fukuoka where Ringo is also from?) The theme of the album is “beyond generations, beyond genres, beyond relationships”, and various artists were chosen so well in line with the theme.

 About the selection of songs, I was so glad to find 6 tunes chosen from “Muzai Moratorium”, which is the first album of Ringo. The fact so many songs were chosen from this album, despite the first one, shows how good the album is.



  Now, the song which impresses me most is “Sid to Hakutyumu” sung by MIKA. The song was arranged fashionably like a kind of the bossa nova, and I think they successfully extracted the essence of the original song and showed it in a different way. I didn’t know about MIKA at all so I checked the singer online to end up being amazed by an article which said he is from Lebanon and now lives in London. The correct pronunciation seems to be “mi:ka”.

 “Kouhukuron” by Rekishi is rather similar to the original single song than the one in the first album, so it made me smile.



  Some songs have almost the same air as Ringo's originals, but the other ones with totally different arrangement seem to show clearly the excellent quality of the original songs. Now, I’m realizing that the melodies created by Ringo is actually so pop and catchy that they are all right no matter how they are arranged.