ボンドが愛したカクテルがここに!:007 オフィシャルカクテルブック “Shaken: Drinking with James Bond and Ian Fleming”


 007ファンにはたまらない本です。昨年10月に出版された「Shaken: Drinking with James Bond and Ian Fleming」は,007シリーズの作品に登場するお酒を網羅した本です。

 This book is somewhat fabulous for fans of 007. “Shaken: Drinking with James Bond and Ian Fleming”, published last October, is a book which covers all the drink appearing in the books of the 007 series. 

contents and items


 Taking a look at the table of contents, I see chapters are organized according to the categories of cocktails. Each chapter has such items as name of a cocktail, a character’s name, and sometimes a title of a book. The first article in this book is predictably about dry martini. In the introduction, however, I found something interesting written there about dry martini. It was pointed out that dry martini is not the highest one considering the frequency of appearance as a drink in the works. The one appears most is champagne, one hundred and twenty-one times, and the next is whiskey which appears seventy-seven times. “Shaken and not stirred.”, Bond’s killer line, is something Ian Fleming always used to say.



 The cocktail I had for the first time in a bar was dry martini because I wanted to pretend someone who is a drinker like James Bond. I was exhilarated when I saw the cocktail with a fruit of olive in it, but I made a face as soon as I sipped it. It was so hard to swallow that I even doubt they mistakenly mixed detergent or something. I’ve scarcely ordered dry martini since then and I have a feeling that I won’t become grown-up.


 I downloaded this book as soon as it was published online. I’m reading it little by little finding time to do so. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard that the Japanese version will be published in the near future. I’d like to mention this book now and then. 

Shaken: Drinking with James Bond and Ian Fleming, the official cocktail book

Shaken: Drinking with James Bond and Ian Fleming, the official cocktail book







リトグリのMotown Super Medley 良すぎでは: “Motown Super Medley” by Little Glee Monster is incredibly good!

 モータウンって,実はJ-popのバックボーンでは,と感じています。リトグリのアルバムに入っている“Motown Super Medley”がクセになって,もうヘビロテしまくっています。

 Now I have an idea that the Motown sound has greatly influenced Japanese pop music. I’m listening to “Motown Super Medley”, which is contained Little Glee Monsters’ album, again and again because it is somewhat addictive. 


 The title says “Motown” but the songs are not ones from Motown Label. They are just arranged like the Motown sound and the songs are their own. Let me show you the title of each song.


「青春フォトグラフ」→「Hop! Step! Jump!」→「Go My way!」→「Girls be free!」→「書きかけの未来」→「放課後ハイファイブ」 

【Little Glee Monster】青春フォトグラフ【リトグリ】

Little Glee Monster『Go My Way! -short ver.-』音源

[ぷいぷい]放課後ハイファイブ/Little Glee Monster[リトグリ通信]


 Each song of these is something new to me who has just become a fan of Little Glee Monster recently, plus each one of them is so good that I can’t decide which song is better.


 You can find the same sense of excitement you felt to the Motown Sound by such groups  as The Jackson 5, The Supremes, Martha and the Vandellas and so on. There must be many elements there, which are something Japanese listeners feel catchy , for example, the call-and-response singing style, the back beat with tambourines, and the way of using brass section.


 This “Motown Super Medley” solely takes fifteen minutes and thirty four seconds to be played, so the album “FLAVA” which contains 17 tracks including this medley is a bargain, absolutely. 







読みハマる本 「ホーネット・フライト」ケン・フォレット著:I can call it a page-turner “Hornet Flight” by Ken Follett


 There are many elements that makes you feel excited in this story, which is a kind of spy thriller, such as resistance, couples in love, and a biplane. This story, which is set in Denmark during World War Ⅱ, was written by Ken Follett, a British author, and published in 2002.


 By late June 1941, the U.K. stood alone on the Western Front. Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister at that time, planned a massive aerial bombardment of German territories but somehow they were ambushed and Bomber Command’s planes were shot down in record numbers. Meanwhile, 18-year-old Danish schoolboy Harald Olufsen grows increasingly dissatisfied with his country's cooperation with the German invaders. One night, he took a short cut by sneaking through the German base on his way home and he found a mysterious installation that was rotating toward the sky…….


 It is quite difficult for us, who has only experienced the current regime after the war, to imagine what the situation in 1941 was like, but it must have been desperate for Allies. It appears that the invasion by Nazi Germany was almost completed then. I can’t imagine how many unknown tiny dramas were there before the victory of D-day. I’m sure there must have been so many unknown heroes like the one in this novel.    


Hornet moth from wikipedia


 A biplane called Hornet moth, which Harald find in a hangar of his girlfriend’s house, plays a significant role in the plot. The plane is not a warplane but just a civilian, and it is sometimes even used as a trainer. The fact that this tiny plane is crucial for the military operation is the point which makes readers exhilarated so much. 

Hornet Flight (English Edition)

Hornet Flight (English Edition)



ホーネット,飛翔せよ〈上〉 (ヴィレッジブックス)

ホーネット,飛翔せよ〈上〉 (ヴィレッジブックス)

ホーネット、飛翔せよ〈下〉 (ヴィレッジブックス)

ホーネット、飛翔せよ〈下〉 (ヴィレッジブックス)






オランダの戦争サスペンス映画 「ブラックブック」(2006年公開):A war drama thriller film which was produced in Netherlands. “Black Book” released in 2006


 This is a movie about Jewish resistance movements in Netherlands occupied by Nazi regime. Rachel Stein, the protagonist who is a female Jew, is played by a beautiful Dutch actress called Carice van Houten



  In 1944, Dutch-Jewish singer Rachel Stein who lives in Netherlands is hiding from Nazi regime. She loses her hiding place accidentally in an allied bombing, then she heads for liberated southern part of the country on a boat through a lawyer’s connection. However, the boat is somehow ambushed by members of the German SS so everyone except her, including her family, on the boat is killed. She narrowly survives with just the clothes she wears and she becomes involved with a Dutch resistance group in Hague. Then Rachel ends up infiltrating herself in the local SD headquarters to seduce a German commander…….




 I was fascinated by the beauty of Rachel. The way she lives her life is so wild and strong that it reminds me of Scarlett O'Hara, the protagonist in the movie “Gone with the Wind”. This movie is, in my opinion, one of the best films that depicts the resistance movement against Nazis regime. Paul Verhoeven who directed this movie and also wrote the screenplay for it was born in Netherlands in 1937 and he himself lived the era. it seems like the story is based on historical facts so some people and episodes are real. 


 Allow me to talk about some books, works about Nazis immediately reminds me of some works by Ken Follett. I read the originals partly for studying English, and I found it so interesting that I was into it. You can read Japanese versions and I recommend a book called “Hornet Flight”.






Hornet Flight (English Edition)

Hornet Flight (English Edition)




ホーネット,飛翔せよ〈上〉 (ヴィレッジブックス)

ホーネット,飛翔せよ〈上〉 (ヴィレッジブックス)

ホーネット、飛翔せよ〈下〉 (ヴィレッジブックス)

ホーネット、飛翔せよ〈下〉 (ヴィレッジブックス)



この季節になぜか聴きたい曲 東京カランコロン「マッハ・ソング」:Songs somehow I want to listen to at this time of year. “Mach song” by Tokyo Karan Koron


 It is often said, in Japan, that spring is the time for parting with someone and getting acquainted with someone else. I believe anyone has some fitting songs to this season in their mind. I also have songs like that and the song that, these last years, comes into my mind first is “Mach Song” by Tokyo Karan Koron. 



  • provided courtesy of iTunes


 This song is not a graduation song at all. Considering that the album called “Gonin no Entertainer” which contains this song was released in November, they had no intention like that, in the first place. I perhaps listened to this song in this season so I have that impression to this song, but I found the lyrics are somewhat encouraging for someone who is taking the first step to the next stage.


  笑って 向日葵のイメージ

  泣いていて 夕立のイメージで



      Smile like a sun flower

      Cry like an evening shower

      There is nothing to be afraid of

      Don’t pretend to be someone who you aren’t


  怒って 雷のイメージ

  喜びは 虹のイメージで



   Get angry like a thunder

      Be happy like a rainbow

      There is nothing wrong with you 

      I like you just the way you are


 あなたに 伝えたい思いが 溢れて 体中を駆ける

 誰より 強く信じてるって 大声で言うよ


     I’m overflowing with the feelings  I want to tell you and they are running around my body.

     I will say it out loud that I believe you more than anyone else does in the world


 あなたに 伝えたい思いが 溢れて 体中を駆ける

 誰より 強く信じてるって 胸はって言うよ


 それがどんな 小さなものでも

 いつも 強く信じてるって 大声で言うよ

  I’m overflowing with the feelings I want to tell you and they are running around my body.

     I will say it proudly that I believe you more than anyone else does in the world

    You have potential for something in your hand

    No matter how it is small

    I will say it out loud that I believe it more than anyone else does in the world



 “Koi no machine gun” is also my favorite among their song. The difference between this song and “Koi to machine gun” sung by Flipper’s Guitar is only one letter, and I love these two songs both.

東京カランコロン / 恋のマシンガン【Music Video & Short Filmダイジェスト映像】

Flipper's Guitar - 恋とマシンガン (Young, Alive, In love)




吉澤嘉代子さん大活躍 いろんなアーティストとコラボ中:Yoshizawa Kayoko is playing a big role in the music industry. She has collaborated with many musicians


 This March will be backed with lots of online music distributions and album cd releases. On 13th, sumika will release their new album “Chime” and Omori Seiko will release a new song “Zettai Kanojyo feat. Michisige Sayumi”, too.There will be an extra delight for me about sumika’s new album. Yoshizawa Kayoko, one of my favorite singers, will join a song that is contained in the album as a guest vocalist. 

【2019/3/13発売】sumika / 「sumika Film #5」 〜sumika special session〜 teaser

 実は,この3月に発売される楽曲で,吉澤さんが関わっているのはそれだけではありません。同じ13日に発売される,私立恵比寿中学のアルバム「MUSiC」には,彼女が作詞作曲した「曇天」という曲が収録されています。さらに,20日に発売される由紀さおりさんのアルバム「BEGINNING ~あなたにとって~」にも吉澤さんが作った曲が入っているとのこと。このアルバムのプロデューサーは亀田誠治さんです。そして,3月21日に発売される弓木英梨乃さん(キリンジのギタリスト)のアルバムに吉澤さんはボーカルとして参加している模様。弓木さんは,現在行われている吉澤嘉代子さんのツアーでギタリストをされています。

 Actually, that song is not the only one that she has something to do with. Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku will also release their new album “MUSiC” on the same 13th and there is a song called “Donten” which is wrote and composed by Yoshizawa in the album. Plus, she wrote a song for Yuki Saori’s new album “BEGINNING ~anata ni totte~” which will be released on 20th. The producer of that album is Kameda Seiji. On top of that, Yoshizawa joined Yumiki Erino’s album, which will be released on 21st, as a vocalist. Yumiki is now joining the concert tour of Yoshizawa as a guitarist.  

私立恵比寿中学 「曇天」(short ver.)




  Let me organize these things by date. 

 3月13日(水) sumika 新譜「Chime」、

私立恵比寿中学 新譜「MUSiC」

 3月20日(水) 由紀さおり 新譜「BEGINNING ~あなたにとって~」

 3月21日(木) 弓木英梨乃 新譜「みんなおもちゃになりたいのさ」



 In fact, Yoshizawa composed a song for YUKI in February ahead of these events. Now that I found her having something to do with so many musicians, I think she is already a big name. 








BEGINNING ~あなたにとって~

BEGINNING ~あなたにとって~







あの人があのテーマソングを! 「男はつらいよ」の主題歌 桑田佳祐に決定:The singer will sing the theme song! It is decided that the theme song of “Otoko wa Tsuraiyo” will be sung by Kuwata Keisuke


 I was amazed by the news about the theme song. They say Kuwata Keisuke is going to sing the theme song of the new movie of the series called “Otoko wa Tsuraiyo”.



 Last September, I was really surprised by the news which told that the new movie of the series will be produced. I’ve never seen the series at a movie theater, but I am a big fan of the series and I saw every movie of it on video so I was exhilarated when I heard the news.


 Kuwata is also known as a big fan of the series and he even called himself “Ongaku Torasan” in a late-night TV program before. I loved this TV program and I mentioned it before, but I didn’t expect that the program and the movie would be related in a way like this. It seems like he will show up in the opening of the movie. I’m looking forward to seeing it.


 Whenever I see a movie of the series, I somehow feel I’m happy because I’m a Japanese. They’ve already finished shooting the new one by the end of the last year. The movie will be released at the end of this year, on December 27th. I can’t wait for the day I can see Torasan on the screen.