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歴史小説の楽しみ:司馬遼太郎著「竜馬がゆく」(第7巻) The Delights of Historical Novels: ‘Ryoma ga Yuku’ by Shiba Ryotaro (the seventh volume)


 In the seventh volume, the scene of Ryoma’s actibities was set in Nagasaki. He established Kyusyu Domains Alliance, then finally let the Tosa domain join Satsuma-Choshu alliance joining hands with Goto Shojiro.



 The summary written on the back cover of the seventh volume is as follows.



 Satsuma and Choshu joined in an alliance preparing for overthrowing the shogunate. However, Ryoma took a daring, strange method with the army power of Satsuma, Choshu, plus Tosa in the background. Taisei Hokan……it is an attempt to urge the Tokugawa shogunate to return the political power to the Emperor. With this method, he was going to avoid a civil war, and at the same time, prevent the foreign countries from intruding into Japan to establish a new government in Kyoto……that could be called a bloodless revolution.


 He came late to the turbulent period but once he became active he hectically rushed around. However, Kameyama Shachu, the company he ran, was always struggling to raise funds and he didn’t achieve anything as he had expected. On top of that, their ship collided with a ship owned by Kishu domain and ended up sinking with its freight unfortunately. Meanwhile, he met some women such as Omoto, a geisha in Maruyama, Oura Okei, a female trader, and they make the story interesting even more.


 On the other hand, Nakaoka Shintaro made great efforts to prepare for overthrowing the shogunate in collaboration with Iwakura Tomomi, an aristocrat in Kyoto, and the royalists from Satsuma and Choshu. Ryoma had a feeling that their plan is quite risky and came up with an extreme idea called Taisei Hokan (Tokugawa Shogunate returns its political power to the Emperor). 

竜馬がゆく(七) (文春文庫)

竜馬がゆく(七) (文春文庫)




歴史小説の楽しみ:司馬遼太郎著「竜馬がゆく」(第6巻) The Delights of Historical Novels: ‘Ryoma ga Yuku’ by Shiba Ryotaro (the sixth volume)


 Sakamoto Ryoma begins to show what he is made of from this volume. By the way, what was Ryoma’s talent like. First, he had the ability for collecting data, and second, he also had the ability to analyze and put things together to predict the future. You may say those abilities are nothing special but the greatest thing about him is the energy and the power to act based on the prospect.  


 The summary written on the back cover of the sixth volume is as follows.


“It’s not impossible to overthrow Tokugawa shogunate if Satsuma and Choshu join hands in that. However, there was no one who believed such thing would happen because those two domains are on very bad terms. A ronin did a miracle. Ryoma did that with a do-or-die spirit and the Satsuma-Choshu alliance was achieved in Kyoto under the severe surveillance by the shogunate in January 1866. The road to overthrowing the shogunate opened wide then.”


 Most of royalists were just thinking of fighting together with Choshu which was on the verge of death at that time. However, Ryoma tried to break a deadlock viewing the situation from a different angle. What he did was something more practical, and it was to bind those two domains with common interests. Then he undertook mediation between them.


 In the course of his action, he established a company called Kameyama Shachu in Nagasaki. Then he guided Choshu through the war against the shogunate to victory cooperating with Takasugi Shinsaku steering a sailing boat featuring a steam engine, the name of the ship was Union, which he finally obtained. Around that time he was attacked and wounded by Shinsengumi in an inn called Teradaya and then went to Kagoshima partly on honeymoon and partly to heal the wounds. Shiba Ryotaro describe his hectic activities skillfully to fascinate readers. 

竜馬がゆく(六) (文春文庫)

竜馬がゆく(六) (文春文庫)




ライブレポート:私立恵比寿中学 Best at the moment series「6Voices」福岡公演② A Live Report: Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku, Best at the moment series ‘6 Voices in Fukuoka’②


 I gradually understand the meaning of ‘6Voices’ in the tour title while watching their performances. Every one of them had chances to sing as the lead vocal in turn. Yasumoto Ayaka was also given chances, of course.


 The backboard on the stage was fully used as a screen, and various kinds of videos were effectively played on it. Yasumoto Ayaka often appeared there and performed brilliantly in the songs in which she sang as a main vocalist. I saw a lot of people had them glow sticks lighted green.


 The reason they unnecessarily emphasized ‘6 voices’ is, in my opinion, this is the last tour for them performing with 6 members. The audition for the new member is taking place now. They will perform with 7 members from the next tour. Most of fans have mixed feelings about the new member, of course, and the members are also feeling mingled emotions for sure.


 At the end of the concert, Kashiwagi Hinata read her own message out loud. What she said first was the shame she had felt during the last three years spent with 6 members because she had heard many people say, ‘their performances have not been better than that of Ebichu PRIDE’. I felt sad because it was not like her to say such a negative thing but I was soon exhilarated with her words, ‘The latest Ebichu is the most powerful Ebichu’. I became a fan of them when I heard their album called ‘MUSiC’, which was released after Ebichu PRIDE, and the Ebichu with 6 members has been the best for me.  Then I traced back their previous albums and what I realized was Ebichu has been awesome all the time. I’m sure that we will see them eternally awesome even after the new member joins and they perform with 7 members.   


 Yasumoto Ayaka is going to come back some time in the future. They now overcome an ordeal again and will show their evolution. I have a feeling that this tour was an important turning point so it was something memorable for me.



ライブレポート:私立恵比寿中学 Best at the moment series「6Voices」福岡公演① A Live Report: Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku, Best at the moment series ‘6 Voices in Fukuoka’


 Ebichu is surely the most powerful idol group. They are great enough to fascinate the audience with their best performance in every song. It was a concert which made me feel that I was happy to have been fan of them from the bottom of my heart.



 It has been more than a year since I last went to a concert. I was already excited on the way to Fukuoka from Nagasaki. As for Ebichu’s concert, this was the second time for me to go to and the first one was the fall and winter tour in 2019. I’ve had a feeling that online concert is not so bad recently but I realized that the real live concert is incomparable to that.


 The setlist consisted of over 20 numbers and they were impartially picked out from most of their albums and a few singles. Regarding with the first three songs, the first one called ‘Omekashi Fever’ was from their latest album called ‘playlist’, the second one, ‘Seihuku “HoRenSo” Funk’ was from the 4th album called ‘Ebicracy’, and the third one, ‘Hokago Getabako Rock and Roll MX’, was from the 1st album called ‘Chunin’’.



 What I was impressed by the most was the fact that they continued performing without MC. I even thought that they would finish without MC. It was not until they had only three songs left as encores that they finally introduced themselves to the audience. They are really tough.

 To be continued.


 Finishing this article, I just took a look at Twitter and find the news which said, ‘Akimoto Ayaka obtained remission from a malignant lymphoma’! I’m trembling with joy.




エビ中カレンダーで知った曲:私立恵比寿中学「大好きだよ」 A Song I Learned from the Calendar Featuring Ebichu: ‘Daisukidayo’ by Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku


 This is a song from one of the limited CD for their 3rd single called ‘Ume’ released in 2013. I learned this song from the Ebichu calendar. It is a really cute song you would expect of the early songs by Ebichu. 




大好きだよ 大好き…でも


 I gradually came to like you

 It’s a pleasant sensation

 I love you. Really do……but

 I’m so nervous that I can’t move





 With an instant, halfway determination

 I can’t tell you how I love you

 Please tell me how I can get your smile




 When our eyes met, I thought

 “I hope this continue forever…”




大好きだよ 大好き…でも






 I gradually came to like you

 It’s a pleasant sensation

 I love you. Really do……but

 I’m so nervous that I can’t move

 It is not likely to happen at all

 Even so I want to be with you

 The season of love is coming

 I’m sure I’ll win your heart




 The more you listen to it, the more you like it. This song is metioned on the page of the 14th day on the Ebichu calendar. You can see a few words by Yasumoto Ayaka along the title of this song, and it goes as follows.

“If you don’t say,‘I love you’, you can’t gain the love”


 I will go to their concert in Fukuoka tonight. I know I can’t say anything out lout there but I will somehow tell them how I love them. I can’t make any predictions about the setlist because they haven’t released a new album for a long time. I have an expectation that they may play their early songs like this.  


 There is one more thing that the fans of Ebichu are looking forward to.  That is a YouTube video featuring the audition for the new member. I’m sure I will like the new member no matter what she is like.   








歴史小説の楽しみ:司馬遼太郎著「竜馬がゆく」(第5巻) The Delights of Historical Novels: ‘Ryoma ga Yuku’ by Shiba Ryotaro (the fifth volume)


 From the standpoint of modern people, it seems that Meiji Restoration happened in the course of events. It is true that the nature of the restoration is quite different from that of the French Revolution or the Russian Revolution, even so the anti-shogunate movement is surely a kind of revolution and it required so many lives of people concerned.


 The summary written on the back cover of the fifth volume is as follows.


“The current of the times becomes tense rapidly through some bloody events such as Ikedaya no Hen, Hamagurigomon no Hen, and so on. However, The Tokugawa Shogunate’s foundation still seems to be firm. It is still too soon to do things like that……. Ryoma sheds silent tears thinking over the deaths of like-minded people. Ryoma is also in distress. His grandiose scheme came to nothing because Kobe Naval Training School, which Ryoma rush around to establish, was ordered to be dissolved by the shogunate.”


 This story has a light tone, in my opinion, due to the character of the protagonist.  However, the events described in the fifth volume gives us a gloomy, cold impression. I wonder how many royalists died before achieving their ambition. Shiba Ryotaro mentioned their names as much as possible. I felt weary about such part when I first read this book. Now I know I was wrong because such part makes this book worth reading. They had their own names, their own family, and they lived their own lives as we do now. We live in the world built on the sacrifice of them. That’s why we read historical novels, I guess.  


 Ryoma also experiences setbacks such as loosing close friends, having to dissolve Kobe Naval Training School, and so on. However, his great activities starts when he overcomes those setbacks. 


竜馬がゆく(五) (文春文庫)

竜馬がゆく(五) (文春文庫)




歴史小説の楽しみ:司馬遼太郎著「竜馬がゆく」(第4巻) The Delights of Historical Novels: ‘Ryoma ga Yuku’ by Shiba Ryotaro (the fourth volume)


Sakamoto Ryoma finally decides how to live his own life through the encounter with Katsu Kaishu but it seems to take some time until his way crosses the current of the times.


 The summary written on the back cover of the fourth volume is as follows.


 “’I’ll get a ship and have royalists steer it to trade with other countries, then use it as a battleship when the time comes’……Ryoma’s way of thinking as a royalist was so different from the others’ so some people called him a boaster. Turmoil reigned while he did things in a roundabout way. The time of backlash had come; the fall of Choshu, the conservatism of Satusma, and the the collapse of royalists’ government in Tosa. However, Ryoma finally obtained a battleship.”


 The time had come when royalists underwent severe hardships. Kiyokawa Hachiro, who caused the turmoil at the end of the Edo era, ended up being slain by an assassin sent by Shogunate. Choshu had been the standard-bearer for the campaign to restore the emperor and expel the barbarians but they abruptly ended up being expelled from Kyoto due to the conspiracy by Satsuma. Takechi Hanpeita almost succeeded in making a royalists’ government in Tosa domain but he was imprisoned by his lord called Yamauchi Yodo in the end.


 Disregarding those commotions, Ryoma was mad about ships. He ran around trying to help Katsu establish the Battleship Training School in Kobe. In the end, he became the director of the school even though he was just a ronin who left his domain. He is quite separate from the mainstream of the time, even so it’s exhilarating to see him working energetically. Ryoma goes to Nagasaki with Katsu at the end of the fourth volume. It was not until then that Ryoma came up with the idea of establishing his own fleet there overlooking the harbor in Nagasaki. 


新装版 竜馬がゆく (4) (文春文庫)

新装版 竜馬がゆく (4) (文春文庫)