Good cocktails in my favorite bar: 仏蘭西屋の美味しいカクテル 「キューバ・リバー”Cuba Libre”」


 Recently, I brought up a couple of topics about rum such as “Bacardi” kind of a rum cocktail, and “Captain Morgan Private Stock” a flavored rum you can enjoy on the rocks. A cocktail that intrigued me the other day was also a rum cocktail when I turned the pages of the menu in France Ya. The cocktail was “Cuba Libre”.  It is a rum cocktail mixed with cola and lime juice.  




  “Libre is not river” the bartender said. The word is Spanish and it means liberty. The name of the cocktail appears to be derived from the fact that the cocktail originated in Cuba when the country won independence from Spain and cola was from America which supported Cuba. 

 Whiskey Coke is the cocktail I had for the first time in my life. Whiskey Coke is quite familiar to me because it was the title of a song sung by Yazawa Eikichi who I was a big fan of when I was a boy, but I feel Cuba Libre is mellower and more delicious than that despite using the same cola. Long drinks fill me up soon but I sometimes want to enjoy this cocktail. 




Songs I’m into now: 今ハマっている曲 椎名林檎と宮本浩次「獣ゆく細道」


 It was something really unpredictable again. Shiina Ringo who has collaborated with many artists worked with Miyamoto Kouji from Elephant Kashimashi this time. It was also unpredictable for me that she worked with Tortoise Matsumoto on her last song which was really good. I was excited about the unique collaboration this time, too, and I downloaded the song soon. I was impressed already at the  introduction with the dramatic sounds of the brass section in a blink. It was really cool.



 Shiina Ringo seemed to join an event called Satsumanin Hestival held in Kagoshima city and collaborated with SOIL&"PIMP"SESSIONS. I don’t know what song they played this time, but with the same collaboration, there was my favorite song titled “Koroshiya Kiki Ippatsu” from the album “Ukina”. This event Satsumanian which more than 50 artists showed up in was an incredibly big event for a local one. My favorite bands like Suiyobi no campanella or Yaba T also joined the event so I was overwhelmed just by looking at the lineup. It’s an event that I really want to go to. 









A TV drama that makes me feel like watching: ちゃんとノレるドラマ 「獣になれない私たち」



 I found a drama which makes me feel like looking forward to the next episode among the dramas having started this season. The drama is titled “Kemono ni Narenai Watashitachi” broadcast at 10 p.m. on every Wednesday featuring Aragaki Yui and Matsuda Ryuhei.


 Shinkai Akira played by Aragaki is a sales assistant for an EC site company. Because of the difficult personality of the president who drives his men hard and hurls insults at them if things don’t go as he wishes, and he sends business messages all the time even on weekends or late at night, great talents can’t stay at his company. Employees who couldn’t leave the company are not really competent so Akira, just an assistant, who is always doing good job and quite considerate is pressed with jobs like giving presentations, meeting with clients, and mediating between clients and SEs, all of which should be done by sales staff, to end up having her nerves worn down and being exhausted every day. Akira keeps her emotions in check and does desperately all the work, but the hasty president keeps sending messages of reprimand, far from showing appreciation for her hard work, and other employees try to make her clean up their own mess, or a client asks her to prostrate and sends an almost sexual harassment messages so she is driven into a corner…….


  I wonder what the beast is like here, and I guess it is like a person who revealed his or her real feeling or emotion after pretending for a long time. The first episode perfectly succeeded in the most important point that it made people feel empathy with Akira through describing carefully twists and turns she experienced until the beast in her finally showed up. A capable accountant named Nemoto Kosei who Akira meets at her favorite craft beer bar is played by Matsuda Ryuhei, and this character also makes me feel that he has a dangerous beast under his easygoing surface. I’m already burning with anticipation when I think of how these two characters will interact with each other.


Works that have never faded: 色あせない面白さ 「流星課長」しりあがり寿著


 Shiriagari Kotobuki the cartoonist I mentioned before published three works called salaryman trilogy.  He himself worked as a salaryman for Kirin Beer doing package designs, so he created salaryman characters who were typical of Japanese salarymen blending comedy and tragedy in the story. The manga I brought up here is “Ryusei Katyo”. It’s a story about a mid-level manager who always sits on the train without fail on his way home.



 I find it humorous when I see he stakes his life on just sitting on the train to go back home, and he toughens the body and even devises techniques to sit on the train. Plus, incredibly strong opponents appear competing with him for vacant seats, so the excitement won’t stop.




 Now I enumerate some opponent characters, Andrei Itudemo Swarkopf who was sent by USSR to achieve perestroika in commuting, a seat-take-robot named “Masaru” which was developed by a company, and “The dark and evil chief clerk” who doesn’t care about hurting other people in taking a seat, these characters make me feel like laughing and somehow also crying because each character has its own personality and pathetic history or background.

 I deeply felt that sorrows and humors might be the same coin’s heads and tails. 



I read the original version: 原作読んじゃいました 「A Game of Thrones(七王国の玉座) 上・下巻」ジョージ・R・R・マーティン著


 I’m wondering how a person’s imagination can establish this huge world. I feel it’s my first time to come across such a large-scale and consistent work like this as a created story.


 I was into the TV drama“Game of thrones” first, but I couldn’t be satisfied enough with it, so I read the original books. The work in two volumes is the one which the 1st season of the TV drama is based on. First, I was impressed with how the drama was really true to the book. At the same time, I could understand what I hadn’t understood through the drama. Above all, I admired the author’s skills which made me feel as if I were reading a story based on historical fact even though it’s perfectly a fiction.   

七王国の玉座〔改訂新版〕 (上) (氷と炎の歌1)

七王国の玉座〔改訂新版〕 (上) (氷と炎の歌1)

七王国の玉座〔改訂新版〕 (下) (氷と炎の歌1)

七王国の玉座〔改訂新版〕 (下) (氷と炎の歌1)




 I’m rather conservative so I love monumental multivolume works like the Water Margin, Les Misérables and so on. As for those works, the story or characters are perfectly fictional but the settings or backgrounds are really existent. However, this fantasy is totally fictional, and yet I’m wondering why I have a feeling of reality about it.

 The rest of this story is written as a series of “A Song of Ice and Fire”, so I can still enjoy this fantasy.

 I’m really glad to have met this great work.   

王狼たちの戦旗〔改訂新版〕 (上) (氷と炎の歌2)
王狼たちの戦旗〔改訂新版〕 (下) (氷と炎の歌2)



Songs I’m attracted now: 勝手に注目中 ずっと真夜中でいいのに。「秒針を噛む」


 There is a MV which had been replayed more than 800 million times within 4months since it was released on YouTube early in June. The song is “Byoshin wo Kamu” played by a mysterious band called “Zutto Mayonaka de Iinoni”. It was decided that a mini album titled “Tadashii Itsuwari Karano KIsyo” which contains this song is going to be released on November 14th.  




 The song couldn’t have been downloaded from Rekochoku or Amazon since it’s MV was released. But you can download it from Amazon now. I don’t have any information about the members of the band or their history at all, but unlike a novice band, they must have great skills as far as I can tell from the sounds they make. The MV of their new song “Norijyo no Cracker” was uploaded to YouTube the other day, too. It seems like they will give a live concert next year on Friday, January 11th.  

 “Byoshin wo Kamu” is my favorite song now.






  • アーティスト: ずっと真夜中でいいのに。
  • 出版社/メーカー: ユニバーサル ミュージック
  • 発売日: 2018/11/14
  • メディア: CD
  • この商品を含むブログを見る





I enjoyed live music: ヤバTのライブ,ヤバかった! ヤバイTシャツ屋さん「とってもうれしいたけ」Tour in 長崎



 It was really awesome. The expression “death by crushing” occurred to me. It was my first experience to keep on sticking to each other with people around me for such a long time. Even the members of YabaT looked worried when they saw the audience too much heated up. The list of songs in this live concert was as follows.



 During “Melocore Band…” the audience squatted and jumped conventionally, and during “L・O・V・E towel” they whirled and shook their towels, so they were really carried away. I felt something hit my face and I saw someone’s ankle right in front of my eyes. I somehow took a so called “Diving”. At encore, the audience repeated “Motte Koi!” over and over because it was on the eve of Nagasaki Kunchi festival. The last song was “Party People” so I shouted “Shut! Shut!” as much as I want.


 MCも面白くって(もりもりもとさん,いじられまくり),本当に大満足のライブでした。会場は,FM長崎の地下にあるDRUM Be-7でした。人と自分の汗でびちょびちょのTシャツのまま,近くの中島川沿いを歩きました。夜風にあたりながら見た眼鏡橋がとてもきれいでした。

 The MC was also hilarious, Morimorimoto the drummer was made fun of a lot, so I was completely satisfied. The venue was Drum Be-7 which was on the basement of the FM Nagasaki building. I walked along the Nakashima River which flows near the venue wearing the sopping wet T shirt with sweat of both mine and people’s around me. The Megane Bridge was so beautiful when I saw it while I enjoyed the cool night breeze.