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長崎に来たらぜひ:BREMARIのピザ Something I Want You to Give a Try in Nagasaki: Pizza Served in the Restaurant Called BREMARI



 You’ll find this restaurant waiting for you after enjoying a drive along the lovely coast road to the south. The pizza, which you’ll stuff your mouth with on the terrace overlooking Gunkanjima, is so delicious and as good as the great view. I visited the lovely restaurant called BREMARI which is located at the southern tip of Nagasaki Peninsula along Route 499 to have lunch on a holiday.   



 I had a set menu called ‘pizza plate’ (1530 yen) on that day. It is a substantial, filling set consisting of a small-sized pizza, French fries, fried chicken, and a salad. As for the pizza, you can choose either Margherita or Marinara. I ordered Marinara this time. I was exhilarated as soon as it was brought due to its photogenic presentation. I cut the pizza, which had a pleasantly thick edge, into six pieces and then I bit into one of them. I immediately found the tomato sauce tasty. The crust under the sauce was not too thick, nor too thin, and the texture was exquisitely chewy. The heap of French fries was salted just right and went well with the tasty pizza. I gave the fried chicken a try, too. it was quite large and so tasty, even though seasoned lightly, that I felt like ordering another helping of it. The salad was refreshing. I never got tired of the Pizza Marinara, which was made in an orthodox way without anything unnecessary, to the last morsel. I was more than satisfied with the delicious pizza.           




 It’s a thirty minute drive from Nagasaki Station to the restaurant. There are several cafés which are quite stylish that you may want to stop by. If you go a little further, you’ll find a beautiful beach called Wakimisaki.

 I want you to give this restaurant a try when you come to Nagasaki.