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いかにも長崎なもの 「向日葵亭」のトルコライス:Something unique in Nagasaki  restaurant “Himawari Tei”’s Turkey Rice



 Turkey Rice is sometimes featured on TV as a specialty of Nagasaki, but its origin is obscure. There are some old restaurants that claim to be the originator of Turkey Rice in the downtown area of the city, and each of them has its own originality so you can enjoy various tastes through them.   

 There are many new restaurants which also serve Turkey Rice in the suburbs of the city, and some of them are as good as the old ones. A restaurant called “Himawari Tei” which is located in the northern area of Nagasaki city is particularly popular.



 Now you can see various types of Turkey Rice on their menu so it is not easy to choose, but there used to be only one called Himawari Style Turkey Rice when they started the restaurant. The current one consists of pilaf, curry sauce, cutlets of pork fillet, and spaghetti meat sauce or tomato sauce. Each one of them that composes the dish is essentially delicious and, on top of that, they could be even better by the combined effect when they are mixed together on the dish.


 The restaurant is a little bit away from the center of the city so its location is not so convenient to visit, but the road which leads north from the restaurant is called Sunset Road where you can enjoy the fantastic sunset. I recommend you to stop by this restaurant when you are out for taking a drive or touring by motorcycle.