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Xmas songs in the 2000s: 2000年代のクリスマス・ソングって?



  There are still plenty of Christmas songs that I love very much produced in the 20th century.  However, when it comes to 2000s, the choice is narrowed down. The reason is quite obvious because I haven’t listened to the Western music so much, in the first place. Even so, there are a couple of songs I can say I love it.

  The first one is “Hey Santa” sung by Ashanti, an R&B diva. This song is so short, almost less than 2 minutes, and very cute and exhilarating.

»★« Ashanti's - Hey Santa »★«


  This song is contained in her album “Ashanti’s Christmas”. This album has ten Christmas songs, maybe you feel let down if you expect R&B sound to them. If I have to choose the next best, it must be the second song “The Christmas Song”.  It is rather simple and light as compared with Jackson 5’s one, and I listen attentively to her clear, beautiful voice. 

Ashanti's Christmas

Ashanti's Christmas