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そそるアニメ:ドクター・ストーン A TV Animation that Intrigues Me Now: ‘Dr. Stone’:


 How exhilarating this animation is! I’m pleased to watch a TV animation called ‘Dr. Stone’ on Amazon Prime Video.

TVアニメ 「Dr.STONE」 本PV第1弾


 The following is the summary I cited from the official site of that animation.





 It’s been thousands of years since a mysterious phenomenon petrified all human beings. A boy of incomparable genius called Senku, who is scientific by nature, suddenly revives. He finds himself in the stone world where all traces of human civilization have been eroded and he makes up his mind to rebuild the world as it was with the power of science. He gathers his allies to build up his Kingdom of Science.

 Fire, iron, electricity, glass, mobile phone……

 Senku and his allies trace the history of science of two million years from the Stone Age to the Modern Age. However, there is a boy called Tsukasa, who is as strong as a lion, and he establishes his garrison state to stand in Senku’s path. Tsukasa, whose goal is the purification of human beings, is trying to check the development of science with great military force……



 This is one of the wildest and most preposterous stories. If you are interested in this story with just this summary, I believe you must be a fantasy buff. I’m sure that you’ll know what I mean once you watch the first episode. There you’ll find something that makes even someone who doesn’t like fantasy so much enjoy for sure. Senku’s extraordinary broad-mindedness reminds me of Sakamoto Ryoma in the novel called ‘Ryoma ga Yuku’


 This story is full of stimulating ideas. You can learn a lot of scientific knowledge that is something new to someone like me who was a student in the humanities. This is a great comic book for children and it can satisfy even the grown-ups’ intellectual curiosity. 




Dr.STONE 1 (ジャンプコミックスDIGITAL)

Dr.STONE 1 (ジャンプコミックスDIGITAL)