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Other Xmas songs I love: クリスマス・ソング,これもいいですよね。



 There is a Christmas song that I was amazed by when I hear it for the first time.     The song was “Santa Claus is coming to town” by Carpenters. I recorded it when it was aired on radio in childhood and kept listening it even after Christmas Day.

  The deep sound of the brass section at the first part of the song is overwhelming, then Karen Carpenter’s voice which is full of affection makes me return to the innocence of childhood in a blink. The chorus part is heartwarming and the saxophone sounds so cool at the interlude that listeners freak out.

Carpenters - Santa Claus is Coming to Town (Original 1974 single version)


  Carpenters released an album titled “Christmas Portrait” in 1978. This album contains “Santa Claus is coming to town”, of course, but this one is quite brisk and totally different from the one I used to listen to. The single version which was released in 1974 was slow and gentle, and it was exactly the one I used to listen to.  

 このアルバムの中で,もう一つ選ぶとすれば,「ファースト・スノウ・フォール / レット・イット・スノウ 」のメドレーです。可愛い木管の音が舞い降りて,楽しげなカレンの声が入ります。二つの曲の境目もとても自然で,最後まで楽しいクリスマス気分を味わえます。

  If I have to choose another song from this album, that should be a medley “The First Snow Fall/ Let It Snow”. The cute sound of the woodwind section came down first, then Karen’s voice starts. The relay from the first song to the second is so natural and you can enjoy the merry Christmas atmosphere until the ending.  

Carpenters -- THE FIRST SNOWFALL / LET IT SNOW (1978)


   I’m still wondering why Karen’s voice touches listener’s heart so much.