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Xmas songs from Japan: 日本のクリスマス・ソング


 I guess there must be someone who  thinks of Japanese christmas songs first, if they are asked about their favorite Christmas songs. I know it is really difficult to choose, but there is a song that comes to my mind soon, and the song is “Shiroi Koibitotachi” by Kuwata Keisuke.  I usually don’t care about lyrics so much, but I somehow attentively listen to this song savoring the words.

桑田佳祐 - 白い恋人達 





“Once Snow piles up on the ground towards evening

My heart swells with the sweet sorrow

Putting out the light in my heart with tears 

I just look at the season passing by…… ” 


  Actually, I don’t like Christmas songs with the words about lovers so much, but only this song somehow sinks into my mind.


 もう一つ,日本のクリスマス・ソングで衝撃を受けた曲があります。SMAPの「Song of X’smap」です。

 There is another Japanese Christmas song I was amazed by, and the song is “Song of X’map” by SMAP.

Song of X'smap

 この曲は,どのアルバムにも入っていません。2004年のクリスマスにテレビで放送された特別番組のために作られた曲です。もともとCD化の予定はなかったようですが,2005年発売のシングル「友だちへ〜Say What You Will〜」にカップリング曲として収められています。思わずヘビロテしてしまうくらい良い曲です。

  This song is not contained in any album of them. It was a song that was originally made for a special TV program which was broadcast at Christmas in 2004. So it was not supposed to be released in the form of CD but eventually ended up being released in a single CD with the song “Tomodachi e ‘Say What You Will’”. This is so good that I can’t stop myself repeating it many times.