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いかにも長崎なもの レストラン「カレーの夕月」のカレー:Something unique in Nagasaki


 What color do you think curry is generally. I guess the color which comes into people’s mind first is perhaps a yellowish one. In "Yuuzuki", a restaurant in Nagasaki, you’d be amazed by the color of the curry that is served there. The curry, which has a smooth texture, served on a somewhat large dish filled to the brim is quite reddish orange. You may expect it to be quite spicy on sight, then you try it and realize it is unexpectedly mild far from spicy, and perhaps end up being absorbed in eating it due to the distinctive taste.





 I can call the curry of “Yuuzuki” a soul food for some Nagasaki people because the restaurant is a long-established one which has lasted since the beginning of the Showa era despite changing its location several times. Their curry is somewhat different from both general Japanese curry and genuine Indian curry, and it has a smooth texture like soup with no solid ingredients, so it is somewhat controversial, I mean some people love it and others don’t so much even in Nagasaki, but I’m sure it is almost addictive for some people. I know I shouldn’t call it curry, perhaps “curry of Yuuzuki” , because the taste of it is totally different from the general homemade ones. There is one more thing that is also something special about this restaurant; it is pickled rakkyo placed on each table. Their rakkyo has no particular flavor but somehow wonderfully becomes habit-forming, and it also has a crispy texture that really goes best with their curry.

 Their curry is sold in pouches so you can get it online, but I want you to enjoy it with their rakkyo here in Nagasaki.