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I somehow love Xmas songs: クリスマス・ソング。なぜか聴いてしまいます。



 It is not that I’m deeply attached to Christmas, but I somehow love Christmas songs. I read an article that said “Christmas song is one of the music genres” a long time ago. It is certain that you can see a Christmas song is a Christmas song as soon as you hear it. That may sound natural but when I come to think of it I feel it strange.


  There are some favorite Christmas songs among others. The one comes into my mind first is “I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus” by Jackson5. Michael Jackson was only 12 years old so his relaxed voice was very cute and I’m, even now, exhilarated when I hear him singing a boy’s childish misunderstandings heartily.

ママがサンタにキスをした / ジャクソン 5


 The album which contains this song went straight to the point: “Christmas Album”. Twelve songs in it are all fantastic, but if I have to choose another favorite song and it should be the third one “Christmas Song”. This song was sung by Jermaine, Michael’s brother, and you can enjoy beautiful chorus so the images of a Christmas Eve, such as freezing feel of snow and the warmness inside of the house, or darkness of the outside and the brightness of the inside, come into your mind when you close your eyes and into it.


 I certainly feel nostalgia for these songs, but it is strange that I don’t feel it’s out of time at all, even though they were released almost 50 years ago.