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公開が楽しみな映画:「007 No Time to Die」 A Movie I’m Looking Forward to Its Release: ‘OO7 No Time to Die’



 The movie called ‘OO7 No Time to Die’, the 25th instalment in the 007 film series which was supposed to be released in April, is going to be released on the 20th of November.

JAMES BOND 007: NO TIME TO DIE Official Trailer (2020) Daniel Craig Movie


 I’ve been a big fan of this series since I was a boy. I’ve read all the books in Japanese. The reason why I studied English seriously was that I wanted to read the original works. Actually, I’ve already read them except for ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’.  I owe it to them that I could have improved my reading skills for sure.

 イアン・フレミングによる原作は、長編が12冊、短編集が2冊出版されています。短編集には全部で8つの作品(洋書にしか入っていない「007 in New York」というわずか9ページの小品を入れるなら9つ)が掲載されています。つまり原作は20作しかないのに、それを超える数の映画が作られていることになります。

 The original works were written by Ian Fleming and he published twelve novels and two collection of short stories. There were eight short stories in total in the two collection (I can add another story called ‘007 in New York’, which has just 9 pages and is only contained in one of the original collections). What I want to say here is that there are twenty original works but the number of the movies are more than that.


 Honestly, I definitely like the original works more than the movie series. I know it may sound strange, but I can’t get enough of them no matter how many times I read them. However, I suppose the movie versions don’t have the same quality as the original works. So I have lost any interest in the movies particularly since they have run out of the original works which are they should based on.




 Ben, my friend who is an Englishman, asked me to the movies when it will be released. Actually, I was intrigued by the trailer. It seems like the movie is full of powerful action scenes. It may be the last one starring Daniel Craig as James Bond. The most interesting thing for me is that Rami Marek, who played Freddie Mercury in ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, appears as the villain in it. Although this movie ‘No Time to Die’ is not based on any original works, of course, I’m very looking forward to seeing the screenplay written by Cary Fukunaga, a Japanese American who also directed this movie.


映画の感想:コンフィデンスマンJP-ロマンス編- My Impression of a Movie: ‘THE CONFIDENCEMAN JP -The Romance-’


 I should hold back from mentioning the details. No spoilers, definitely. It is an enjoyable movie for sure. I watched the Japanese movie called ‘THE CONFIDENCEMAN JP -The Romance-’on Amazon Prime Video.

『コンフィデンスマンJP ーロマンス編ー』 予告②【5月17日(金)公開】


 Darko (Nagasawa Masami), Boku chan (Higashide Masahiro), and Richard (Kohinata Fumiyo) are a notorious gang of swindlers, and now they target a woman called Ran Liew a.k.a. the Empress, a leader of a mafia in Hongkong. They aim at taking Purple Diamond, a legendary jewelry which is said to be owned by Ran Liew. On the other hand, there is a guy who tries to revenge for what they did to him. The guy is Akaboshi Eisuke a.k.a Japanese God Father. Boasting, “I’ll make them beg their lives on their knees”, he sets a terrible trap for them…….


 The scenario writer is Kosawa Ryota and you can see his characteristic way in the complicated plots making the whole story spectacular. The unpredictable development of the story is full of unexpected twists and turns till the end.



 Each of the three stars is my favorite actor. On top of that, other actors also performed greatly in this movie. Eguchi Yosuke, who played a leader of a Japanese mafia was so intimidating that I can’t believe he is the same actor who played ‘Anchan’, the cheerful and kind character in an old drama called ‘Hitotsu Yane no Shita’. Miura Haruma who played another confidence man, a former partner of Darko, looked so smart that there is no woman who wouldn’t fall for him. However, the most impressive actor for me in this movie is Takeuchi Yuko who played Ran Liew. Honestly I haven’t been interested in her as an actor but I finally found her surprisingly fascinating.

 I can highly recommend this movie to people who haven’t watched it yet.

『コンフィデンスマンJP プリンセス編』予告【7月23日(木・祝)公開】 








知的にエキサイティングなバラエティー番組:「プレバト!!」面白すぎでは? A TV program that is intellectually stimulating: ‘Pressure Battle!!’, incredibly amusing, isn’t it?



 You can see entertainers make such great efforts trying desperately to achieve something in this program, and there is, in my opinion, no TV programs like this. I guess this TV program called ‘Pressure Battle’ (MBS), which is broadcast at 7 p.m. every Thursday, is quite popular with a lot of people.  


 I have a feeling that this program reveals what the entertainer is really like. Everyone is judged impartially, even if he or she is an actor, a comedian, or an idol. Their ages or academic backgrounds don’t work at all there. The exhilaration you would feel there has the same quality as that of the popular program called ‘Geinojin Kakuduke Check’, which is broadcast during the New Year holidays every year. In either program, the MC is Hamada Masatoshi, and he is the key person in both for sure. He doesn’t care whether the entertainer is a first rate or not, plus he treats them lightly making the audience laugh, and I can’t come up with anyone who is a match for him as an MC.


 The main feature in this program is ‘The Ranking in Making Up a Haiku’, for sure. The correction made by Natsui Itsuki itself seems like an art. There is something about it that makes me feel like calling it ‘the art of correction’. It is exhilarating that she relentlessly judges and corrects the haikus made by somebody like a big-name actor, a star who graduated from Tokyo university, and so on. That’s why even the viewer are overjoyed with the one who made the haiku when it is praised.


 Actually, I wasn’t interested in haiku at all, but now I feel like making up a haiku, I think this TV program deserves some awards because it stimulates viewers interests so much.

長崎の旨い町中華:四川料理「伯水楼」 Good Local Chinese Restaurants in Nagasaki: “Hakusuiro”, A Sichuan style restaurant


 There are a lot of good Chinese restaurants in downtown Nagasaki. However, there are also good restaurants, which are what they call “Machi Chuka (local Chinese restaurants)” serving really delicious food and so popular with the local people, on some small streets away from the center of Nagasaki city. They are probably not the sort of restaurants where tourists go. But, there is one restaurant that I want you to give a try, and the name of it is “Hakusuiro”.



 It is a Sichuan style restaurant, but their dishes are not too spicy. The characteristic of this restaurant is the size of the portions. They are almost 1.5 times the ordinary portions. This restaurant is located near Nagasaki university, and it has satisfied hungry students for decades.




 The day I went there, I ordered Nikuiri-chahan (a dish of fried rice topped with thick meat sauce), the most popular dish there. It is what they call “ankake chahan”. You may be taken aback at the amount of it for an instant, but once you have a mouthful of it after mixing the fried rice and the sauce with the spoon, you’d be pleased with the tastiness of it. The fried rice itself is seasoned perfectly, plus the sauce is so tasty and thickened just right, so you will eat it up and never get tired of it. Tenshinhan is as popular as Nikuiri-charhan in this restaurant.

 I hope you give it a try when you have a chance to visit the northern part of Nagasaki city.






朝ドラ史上1番では:NHK連続テレビ小説「エール」 This Series Might Be the Best One in the History of NHK’s Morning Serial Drama: ‘Yell’, The Current Serial TV Novel by NHK



 Even though I haven’t been watched the morning dramas so much, I want to say this. Yell, the current serial TV novel by NHK, might be the most amusing one in its history.






  The following summary is a quote from Wikipedia.

‘In 1909, a long-awaited baby boy was born to a family which has run a dry goods store for generations in Fukushima Prefecture. He would later become the talented composer Yuichi Koyama who wrote many famous songs. Although Yuichi was brought up as the heir of the business, he was rather dreamy and considered a child with no redeeming traits by the people around him.

However, when he encountered music, it sparked joy and unleashed his gift in composing music through self-study. As a youth, Yuichi secretly put his name down for an overseas songwriting competition. This would change his destiny. He won runner-up for the song he entered for the competition. As a result, he got to know a female student who wanted to be a singer. Despite the long distance between them – Fukushima and Toyohashi – the two of them tied the knot. When they came to Tokyo, they met all sorts of people and weathered a dark period to produce a number of hit songs. However, war broke out and Yuichi had to compose wartime songs at the army’s request. It pained him that young men died in battle after singing the songs he had written. After the war, the country began to recover amid the chaos. The couple made a new era of music in an attempt to encourage the wounded through the power of music.’



 Above all, I was impressed by the unaffected performance by Ishida Hoshizora, who plays the protagonist’s boyhood. Yuichi, the main character, stammers and tends to be bullied, but he gradually develops his music talent. While watching it, I cheered him feeling as if I were his parent in spite of myself. It is Todo Seiji, Yuichi’s elementary school teacher, who draws out his talent, and the player is Moriyama Naotaro. I couldn’t help crying when I heard what Todo said to Yuichi and the words are as follows.


“What you are good at is something that it is not so hard but rather easy to do for you even if it is very hard for other people. If you can find it, you must stick to it.”


 I have a feeling that this word is something that has a power to change someone’s life. A good drama is, in my opinion, full of good sense of values. It is quite natural that these sense of values reveals themselves in the characters’ lines.    


  The rerun has just begun. I can highly recommend this drama to people who haven’t watched it yet.






長崎バイオパーク直営のカフェ:「いちごの森」 The Café Directly Managed by Nagasaki Bio Park: ‘Ichigo no Mori’

 バイオパークの帰り道に立ち寄ることをお勧めしたい場所があります。Sweets & Café「いちごの森」です。

  There is a place I recommend you to drop by after visiting Nagasaki Bio Park. The place is Sweets & Café ‘Ichigo no Mori’.



 This café is directly managed by Nagasaki Bio Park. It is just a five-minute ride north toward Sasebo. There is a strawberry farm there too, and you can pick strawberries  from January through May. They use the strawberries picked there for their gelato or cakes in the café.





 I looked into the gelato display case and found that there were 10 kinds of gelato in it. This time I ordered strawberry cheese. There was an eating area inside, but I had it outside on the wooden deck. It was richly flavored with cheese. It was so delicious. The gelato was filled to the bottom of the cone, so I was more than satisfied. Strawberries are not in season now, so they use strawberry jam, but if you visit there in spring, the season of the strawberry harvest, you can enjoy strawberries as they are in the gelato.

 I want you to give it a try when you come to Nagasaki.





香取慎吾さんも歌ってみた:YOASOBI「夜に駆ける」 Katori Shingo tried singing this song: ‘Yoru ni Kakeru’ by YOASOBI


 This is the first single released by YOASOBI, a music duo I mentioned last time. The music video to this song was released in November 2019 and it has gotten over 33 million views during these 7 months.

YOASOBI「夜に駆ける」 Official Music Video 



  It seems like sinking or melting

  The two of us are alone in the vast sky






 The only word you said was ‘Sayonara’

   I could tell everything when I hear the word

   In the sky, the sun was setting, and I saw you

   standing with the sunset on your back over the fence





 From the first day we met

   You have occupied my mind

   with the lonely-looking eyes







 We are living in the world where people

   are always busy about trifles

   With the countless harsh words by them,

   we are almost crying but

   I believe we can find joy in life


 イントロでもう心をわしづかみされます。歌謡曲と呼びたくなるほどにキャッチーなメロディーを聴くにつけ、驚きの再生回数にも納得してしまいます。5月15日には、YouTubeの一発撮り企画「THE HOME TAKE」に、ボーカルのikuraさんがこの曲を歌う動画がアップされています。


 I was carried away with the first few bars of this song. The melody is so catchy that I feel like calling it a traditional J-pop, and I’m convinced by the surprising number of views. On May 15, another MV to this song in which you can watch the vocalist ikura singing was uploaded to ‘THE HOME TAKE’, the one-shot-project by YouTube.


夜に駆ける/YOASOBI 歌ってみた!しんごちん【香取慎吾】

 This song has already been famous enough, but there was a thing that would make it more popular. Katori Shingo uploaded an MV in which he was singing this song to his own YouTube channel. Shingo also tweeted this MV and you can see the reply from Ayase and ikura telling their appreciation to him.  He may look as though he is joking, but he really means it. It's worth watching, too. 






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