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長崎に来たらぜひ:牡蠣小屋「塩見園」 Something I Want You to Give a Try in Nagasaki: The Oyster Hut called “Shiomi-en”


 Do you know that plenty of turban shells without bumps on their shells are caught in the waters around Nagasaki? Turban shells in shapes that look like other kinds of sea snails called “Mina” by local people are caught in Omura bay.



 Omura bay is totally different from the general image of a “bay”, and it looks like a lake if you see it on a map. It connects with the open sea at only one point, and if that point was closed, it would actually be a lake. With that unique shape, the gap between high tide and low tide in this bay is rather small, and there is a big time lag compared to open seas. Turban shells with bumps are caught in waters where waves are rough, and this is the very reason the turban shells caught in Omura bay don’t have bumps, because Omura bay is quite calm and shallow.



 Omura bay is, in several ways, a familiar sea for local people. Fish and shellfish caught in Nagasaki fishing harbor are shipped all over the country, so it is difficult for local people to realize how they benefit from the sea around them. On the other hand, most of what is caught in Omura bay tends to be consumed, in my opinion, by local people. There are plenty of spots where fishing lovers can enjoy themselves, too.  



 At this time of the year, one of the pleasures that Omura bay gives is oyster huts. The oyster hut I visited the other day was the one called “Shiomi-en” in Togitsu town, one of the towns that face Omura bay.




 You can grill oysters at the table. You take oysters from the bucket and put them on the grill, then you just wait until they are done. You shouldn’t put the oysters with their openings toward you, or they might spray boiled water in your face when they open. Oysters are ready to be eaten when their shells open. You pick up an oyster with your gloved hand, then pop the contents into your mouth and savor the juice, too. It’s really tasty. You can also enjoy other things like, turban shells, scallops, plus even pizza, rice balls and so on.


 I hope you give it a try when you come to Nagasaki.