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アルバムレビュー:香取慎吾さん「20200101(NIWANIWAWAIWAI)」 Album Review: “20200101(NIWANIWAWAIWAI)”


 How many people could have predicted that this album would be so great? It’s been a month since this album was released and it has begun to come home to me after all this time. Although I’ve mainly listening to Ebichu’s “playlist” while commuting these days (and I still can’t get enough of it), I listened mainly to this album at home. At first, I just felt good but the more I listened to it, the more songs I came to like. The songs contained in this album are as follows.  

 01. Prologue(feat.TeddyLoid&たなか)
 02. Trap
 03. Metropolis(feat.WONK)
 04. welp(feat.須田景凪)
 05. I'm so tired(feat.氣志團
 06. ビジネスはパーフェクト(feat.スチャダラパー
 07. Neo(feat.yahyel)
 08. 嫌気がさすほど愛してる(feat.KREVA
 09. OKAY(feat.SALU
 10. 10%
 11. Now & Forever(feat.SONPUB&向井太一)
 12. FUTURE WORLD(feat.BiSH)

香取慎吾ソロアルバム『20200101』CM (feat.BiSH)FUTURE WORLD / Trap ニワニワワイワイ 


 The idol group called SMAP was attractive enough even for an ordinary guy like me. I’ve listened to their songs, even the earlier ones, and some of them are my favorite. This is an album by a member of that national idol group, but I didn’t have an impression that he was such a good singer. Honestly, such being the case, I didn’t expect too much of this album.


 However, these 12 songs exhilaratingly overturn such a preconception. Most of songs in this album are hip-hop so basically danceable, making me sway in spite of myself. It goes without saying that the artists featured in it did great job, but his strong presence is the core of the attractiveness of this album for sure.


 I strongly recommend this album to people who haven’t listened to it yet. I’m going to write my impressions of some songs particularly I like.