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長崎に来たらぜひ:佐世保バーガー「バーガーショップあいかわ」 Something I Want You to Give a Try: ‘The Burger Shop Aikawa’, A Sort of Sasebo Burger


 It’s a hamburger shop run by a butcher. The patty is indisputably delicious. It’s a kind of Sasebo Burger for sure, but it’s located in the suburbs of Sasebo city. It is a bit easy place to get to for people coming from Nagasaki because it is at the entrance of Sasebo city for them.



 The last time, I wrote about Nagasaki Bio Park in this blog. The Barger Shop Aikawa is about 30 minutes ride from the Bio Park. I just wanted to eat their burger, so I went there after a long time. I was surprised as soon as I got there. The old shop was closed but there was a new, bigger one beside that. You can place an order with a ticket machine, and the information is sent to the kitchen automatically. After buying a ticket, you just wait for an announcement through the loudspeaker then you can get what you ordered. There is a spacious dining area and I enjoyed a leisurely lunch.



 What I ordered this time was the special burger combo with a medium French fries and drink (1,160 yen). The hamburger consists of a fried egg, homemade bacon, cheese, a sliced tomato, lettuce, and the patty which is made of 100 % A4 rank Nagasaki beef, inside a bun. This burger is so packed that the ingredients are almost sticking out of the bun, but they are stuck to each other so well and unexpectedly easy to eat. You can reach the patty as soon as you bite into it. It’s immediately tasty. You’ll have a feeling that you are eating substantial meat for sure. The original sauce mainly made of Demi-glace goes very well with the patty. The French fries are piping hot and the size of each piece, the texture, the amount of salt are just right.



 I want you to give it a try when you come to Nagasaki.