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ヒーローものが苦手な人もノレるヒーロー映画:「SHAZAM!」(2019) A Superhero Film That Exhilarates Even Someone Who Doesn’t like Superhero Film: ‘SHAZAME!’


 I can’t help this sensation. I was excited, thrilled, sometimes giggled, and ended up crying at the end. I originally didn’t like hero movies but this time I was into it very much. I watched an American superhero film called ‘Shazam’ on Amazon Prime Video (It cost 100 yen).



 It starts with the scene of the inside of a car which is running along the road in upstate New York on Christmas Eve. The boy, Thaddeus Sivana is in the back seat playing with the Magic 8-Ball and was somehow scolded unreasonably by his dad, besides his elder brother takes the Magic 8-Ball away from him. As soon as he received the ball from his brother, he finds the ball showing something like hieroglyphs, so he thinks his brother broke it. It is when he is about to turn upon his brother furiously that a weird phenomenon happens. After that Thaddeus ends up becoming a hideous monster with the help of Sins in years to come.  


 The scene changes into present-day, and the character who is depicted there is an orphan. Billy Batson, who has continually run away from foster homes, is placed in a group home ran by Victor and Rosa Vasquez. They are very nice to him and the other foster children also give him a warm welcome, but he won’t open up to anybody. Among the foster children there is a boy about Billy's age  called Freddy who has a problem with his leg, and he is bullied by a pair of boys in his school. One day, Billy defends Freddy from the bullies and ends up being chased into a subway. Then what happens to him there was the same as what happened to Thaddeus in 1974. After that, unlike Thaddeus, Billy gains the power to change into a superhero…….



 I was carried away by this movie from the very beginning. it describes how Thaddeus becomes a villain and also how Billy becomes a superhero so skillfully that audience can empathize with the characters. The most remarkable thing about this movie, in my opinion, is that this movie is full of humor. It is seemingly too playful but in fact it isn’t, and I laughed out loud at some scenes. Even so, the serious situations or backgrounds of the characters are depicted so carefully that I’m deeply impressed.


 It seems that a sequel will be eleased in 2022, and I’m going to watch it at a movie theater

 I was exhilarated with the unpredictable plot toward the end of the movie and end up crying after all. Films that have great appeal for me are a kind of one which have a wide range of emotional effect from laughter to tears. Viewed in this light, this movie is awesomely enjoyable one. This is even better than, in my opinion, ‘Kick-Ass’ , my favorite superhero movie. It seems that a sequel will be released in 2022, and I’m going to watch it at a movie theater.


 I can highly recommend this movie to people who haven’t watched it yet. 



  • 発売日: 2019/07/24
  • メディア: Prime Video