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NHKやっぱりがんばってる!:ドラマ「だから私は推しました」 Sure Enough, NHK Is Doing a Good Job!: The TV Drama, “Dakara Watashi wa Oshimashita”


 There is one more drama I want to recommend in this season. It is a drama by NHK, again. The drama is “Dakara Watashi wa Oshimashita”, at 11:30 p.m. every Saturday night.



 The following is a summary of the first episode quoted from NHK’s homepage.



 “Ai Endo (Yuki Sakurai) is a female office worker in her late 20s. She wants to look happy enough in her real life, so she always tries to show off in her small circle of friends. It is embarrassing for her boyfriend to see her behaving like that, so he dumps her even though she was going to marry him. Being disappointed, she loses her smartphone and a guy picks it up, so she goes to a live house because he is there. What she sees there is an underground Idol group and their enthusiastic fans. Ai finds a member named Hana Kurimoto, who is not good at singing and dancing, having something in common with her. “

 At first, she looks down on the idol geeks around her but, in the end, she becomes an enthusiastic fan of Hana to such an extent that the geeks are impressed by her.



 This drama is a kind of suspense. The story is told as her memories while she is under investigation in a /police station. The audience are keen to know what she has done. However, this is not the only reason why this drama attracts us. You can see something you can empathize there because it explains about what a person become an enthusiastic fan of someone is like. Plus, the best thing in this drama for me is that the members of Sunny Side Up, the idol group which appears in this drama, are quite attractive so I’d like to recommend this drama.


 This Idol group is now active for a limited period even out of this drama. Sunni-Sai, the abbreviation of the group’s name, sounds so good that I feel like uttering it.