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映画の感想:「マイ・インターン」(2015) Movie Impressions: ‘The Intern’ (2015)


 I believe it’s a masterpiece. I watched a movie called ‘The Intern’ starring Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway on Amazon Prime Video.



 Ben Whittaker is seventy years old and was formerly an executive of a phonebook company. He lost his wife and now wants a change in his life. He happens to know that an e-commerce fashion startup company in Brooklyn is looking for some seniors who would intern for them, so he applies to it. Ben becomes one of four hired and he is assigned to wait on Jules, the CEO of the company. She even forgot about having agreed to hiring senior interns, so she is rather annoyed about him. Although she tells him that she is going to send e-mails when she wants him to do something, Ben’s inbox is always empty even after a few days has passed. He finally makes up his mind and starts to do anything he can do to win Jules’s trust……. 


 I was exhilarated by Ben who is remarkably active in his job and gradually gains Jules’s confidence. The person I saw there is a gentle character who is so capable and considerable that I’d be pleased to work with him. I was really impressed by the great performance by De Niro who played this character. I didn’t see, even slightly, the formidable characters he formerly played. Anne Hathaway, who played the CEO, was also charming. I could acutely realize the feeling of Jules who is desperately trying to catch up with the rapid growth of her own company but almost ends up collapsing both officially and privately.


 I was moved when I saw how those two, who are originally different in generation and sense of values so they have nothing in common, gradually nurture their relationship based on deep trust. I had a feeling that their relationship was something noble beyond friendship or love. This is a movie full of sense of values that you can empathize with. I’d like to highly recommend this movie to someone who hasn’t watched it yet.   



  • 発売日: 2015/12/07
  • メディア: Prime Video