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NHKがんばってる!:多部未華子さん主演「これは経費で落ちません!」 NHK is doing a good job! : “Kore wa Keihi de Ochimasen” starring Mikako Tabe



 It’s really enjoyable. I’m willing to pay the viewing fee for it. I found another good drama to watch in this season. The drama is “Kore wa Keihi de Ochimasen” broadcast by NHK at 10 p.m. every Friday.


 Moriwaka Sanako (Mikako Tabe), who is a single woman about 30 years old, is working for a soap company called “Ten ten corporation”. She works in the accounting department. Her motto is “Let’s make everything even” and she checks bills and receipts calmly and quickly trying not to get private ones mixed up. Various people from various departments come to her, who works with a matter-of-fact attitude, with various intention. She has another motto, “Don’t chase the rabbit”, because she doesn’t want to get involved in unnecessary trouble. However, some of the bills and receipts brought to her could be the ones unable to be put down to expenses. In that case, she unwillingly has to scrutinize them.




Sanako, the main character, is not obstinate at all. It is not that she turns down requests by people carelessly, saying, “This won’t be put down to expenses”, like the title of this drama. She never gives up until she is convinced whether it could be put on expenses or not, even if it looks like a grey area. The sense of value which can be seen there is something I can feel empathy with, and this is the very reason that I can enjoy this drama heartily. You can see clearly how important the accounting department is, even though they seem to be inconspicuous compared to others. You can also see accountants’ pride that they support the people at the front line and keep the profit brought by them.  

 There is no action nor poetic justice in this drama, I somehow feel the same exhilaration as I felt by Mito Komon, very popular historical drama series. I really hope you give it a try.