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長崎バイオパーク直営のカフェ:「いちごの森」 The Café Directly Managed by Nagasaki Bio Park: ‘Ichigo no Mori’

 バイオパークの帰り道に立ち寄ることをお勧めしたい場所があります。Sweets & Café「いちごの森」です。

  There is a place I recommend you to drop by after visiting Nagasaki Bio Park. The place is Sweets & Café ‘Ichigo no Mori’.



 This café is directly managed by Nagasaki Bio Park. It is just a five-minute ride north toward Sasebo. There is a strawberry farm there too, and you can pick strawberries  from January through May. They use the strawberries picked there for their gelato or cakes in the café.





 I looked into the gelato display case and found that there were 10 kinds of gelato in it. This time I ordered strawberry cheese. There was an eating area inside, but I had it outside on the wooden deck. It was richly flavored with cheese. It was so delicious. The gelato was filled to the bottom of the cone, so I was more than satisfied. Strawberries are not in season now, so they use strawberry jam, but if you visit there in spring, the season of the strawberry harvest, you can enjoy strawberries as they are in the gelato.

 I want you to give it a try when you come to Nagasaki.