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初めて知る面白さ:映画の感想「帝一の國」 A movie overflowing with a kind of humor that I’ve never known before: My impressions of ‘Teiichi no Kuni’


 This is really enjoyable for sure. However, the hilarity I felt there is something that I’ve never even imagined. I watched an Amazon Prime video, ‘Teiichi no Kuni’ starring Masaki Suda. 



 Teiichi Akaba (Masaki Suda) entered a prestigious high school called Kaitei high school, which is famous for producing a lot of great politicians, and his dream is ‘to be the Prime Minister and make his own country’. There are rivals in the same grade, one is Kikuma Togo (Shuhei Nomura) who has been an adversary of Teiichi since they were little boys, and the other is Dan Otaka (Ryoma Takeuchi), who is from a poor family but very clever and athletic and, on top of that, very popular with other students. They aim to be the student body president in two years because it’s a shortcut to become the Prime Minister, so they compete in supporting the candidates, who are one year ahead of them, for the election of next year’s student body president.  


 I laughed a lot. However, the humor I felt there was something new to me. The settings and the story are totally absurd, even so, with the consistent plot and the twist at the end of the story, you can enjoy it till the end. Plus, there’s one thing I was attracted too even more, and it was the charm of the actors. This movie could be a dull one with other actors. I realized that Masaki Suda is particularly, overwhelmingly attractive. The character of the protagonist, Teiichi Akaba, is not delightful at all. Actually, I was irritated by his character. I didn’t feel empathy with him, but I somehow felt like cheering for Teiichi due to the great performance by Suda. I had felt the same when I had seen the movie called Seto Utsumi, towards the character called Seto who Suda played in it, even though his character was totally different from Teiichi.    

『翔んで埼玉』 特報


 Honestly, I had no expectations of this movie before watching it. However, I was extremely exhilarated when I finished watching it. I began to feel like watching today’s Japanese films more, so I gave ‘Tonde Saitama’ a try. It turned out as enjoyable as ‘Teiichi no Kuni’, and I felt a novel humor there, too. I can highly recommend both ‘Teiichi no Kuni’ and ‘Tonde Saitama’ to people who haven’t watched them yet.    



  • 発売日: 2017/11/29
  • メディア: Prime Video




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