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長崎のよかところ:動物と触れ合える場所「長崎バイオパーク」 A Good Place to Visit in Nagasaki: ‘Nagasaki Bio Park’, The place where you can come into close contact with animals


 I went out to a place where a lot of people get together for the first time in months. The place I visited this time was ‘Nagasaki Bio Park’ located in Saikai city. Nagasaki Bio Park opened in 1980. Until then, there hadn’t been a big zoo in Nagasaki. I was still a little boy and only had a stereotyped images of zoo at that time, so I was a bit surprised when I visited there for the first time. That’s because I couldn’t see cages that are an essential part of zoo, and also couldn’t see any ferocious wild animals like lion, tiger, and so on. Even so, I began to understand the merit of the place after a couple of visits and finally came to enjoy myself. The merit of the place is the incredible proximity to the animals.



 In this place, you’ll see Kangaroos nestle close to you. You can stroke Capybaras. Monkeys will get on your shoulders. You can feed them out of your hand. You can observe a zebra at close range less than 1 meter away. That probably sounds a bit dangerous. However, once you were there, you would know everything is under control for sure. There is a regular route and you’ll visit 12 areas through it. They put up some quizzes on the route so that you won’t be bored.  



 There are no flashy attractions at all, nor the necessity for them. This is a place worth visiting for me, who originally didn’t like animals so much.


  By the way, this is my cat Ocha, who always soothes my nerves.