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NHKほんとに頑張ってる:寅さんの少年時代を描くドラマ「少年寅次郎」 NHK Is Absolutely Doing a Good Job: The drama, “Shonen Torajiro”, Which Describes Tora’s Boyhood



 I’m crying while watching this drama. I really appreciate what NHK does here. This is exactly what I’ve waited for. I’m filled with joy at this drama called “Shonen Torajiro”, which is currently broadcast by NHK at 9:00 p.m. every Saturday.


 When I heard that there would be a drama that describes Tora’s boyhood, I was sure, to be honest, it would be something dull. I actually began to watch the first episode with indifference, but I was into it as soon as I saw the child actor who plays Torajiro. That’s because I felt like as if Tora became young again. His smile was the same as Tora's smile. I was impressed by their efforts to find such a boy who looks like him so much, and I concentrated on watching the drama.



 Tora was birthed by a geisha one of the lovers of Tora’s father who was well-known as a playboy, as in the movie version. The geisha had no intention of raising the baby so she left him behind under the eaves of Kurumaya on a snowy night. The abandoned baby grew up to be a naughty boy but even so, Mitsuko, who was Tora’s foster mother, nurtured him impartially with affection as if he was her own child. That’s why Torajiro loved her very much.


 I am pleased whenever I see the regular characters like his uncle, aunt and the chief priest of the nearby temple, who are still young there. I sometimes cry even at some scenes where there is nothing to make me feel sad. I remember that, if my memory serves me right, Tora can meet his real mother in the second movie of the series. I felt a wistful pang when I saw the geisha because the scene where Tora finally meets his real mother in the movie came to mind.


 This drama has five episodes in total. I’m very looking forward to seeing how things will be going in those episodes. The new movie of the series called “Otoko wa Tsuraiyo” will be released on Dec. 27 after a 22 year-break. I can’t wait to watch it, too.

映画『男はつらいよ お帰り 寅さん』予告映像