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長崎に来たらぜひ:「ながさこ」のちゃんぽん Something I Want You to Give a Try in Nagasaki: Chinese Restaurant “Nagasako”’s Champon


 I sometimes hear people say, “’Nagasko’s champon might be the best”. It’s not located in Nagasaki city. It is a Chinese restaurant in Nagayo town, which is to the north of Nagasaki city. I’ve heard that there is a good champon restaurant in Nagayo since a long time ago, and I finally went there after the New Year holidays.



 I was exhilarated when I saw vegetables were heaped on the noodles. The sight somehow reminded me of some sort of Ramen Jiro. I was worried whether I’d be able to eat it up at first. However, once I started to eat I found it hard to stop. The champon was seasoned rather lightly, but was really delicious. The more you eat it, the tastier it gets. I realized the reason why some people said that this champon was the best. It is a champon that I can’t get enough of.



 I checked the restaurant on the internet beforehand, and I knew it is so popular that people form a line at lunchtime, so I went there at 11:30. The restaurant has 7 or 8 parking spaces, but there was only one space left when I got there. I realized it was so popular. I found taipien, a specialty in Kumamoto prefecture, on the menu. It is rare to find it in Nagasaki, so I’m going to give it a try next time.  


 I hope you give the champon a try when you come to Nagasaki.