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長崎の旨い町中華:四川料理「伯水楼」 Good Local Chinese Restaurants in Nagasaki: “Hakusuiro”, A Sichuan style restaurant


 There are a lot of good Chinese restaurants in downtown Nagasaki. However, there are also good restaurants, which are what they call “Machi Chuka (local Chinese restaurants)” serving really delicious food and so popular with the local people, on some small streets away from the center of Nagasaki city. They are probably not the sort of restaurants where tourists go. But, there is one restaurant that I want you to give a try, and the name of it is “Hakusuiro”.



 It is a Sichuan style restaurant, but their dishes are not too spicy. The characteristic of this restaurant is the size of the portions. They are almost 1.5 times the ordinary portions. This restaurant is located near Nagasaki university, and it has satisfied hungry students for decades.




 The day I went there, I ordered Nikuiri-chahan (a dish of fried rice topped with thick meat sauce), the most popular dish there. It is what they call “ankake chahan”. You may be taken aback at the amount of it for an instant, but once you have a mouthful of it after mixing the fried rice and the sauce with the spoon, you’d be pleased with the tastiness of it. The fried rice itself is seasoned perfectly, plus the sauce is so tasty and thickened just right, so you will eat it up and never get tired of it. Tenshinhan is as popular as Nikuiri-charhan in this restaurant.

 I hope you give it a try when you have a chance to visit the northern part of Nagasaki city.