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知的にエキサイティングなバラエティー番組:「プレバト!!」面白すぎでは? A TV program that is intellectually stimulating: ‘Pressure Battle!!’, incredibly amusing, isn’t it?



 You can see entertainers make such great efforts trying desperately to achieve something in this program, and there is, in my opinion, no TV programs like this. I guess this TV program called ‘Pressure Battle’ (MBS), which is broadcast at 7 p.m. every Thursday, is quite popular with a lot of people.  


 I have a feeling that this program reveals what the entertainer is really like. Everyone is judged impartially, even if he or she is an actor, a comedian, or an idol. Their ages or academic backgrounds don’t work at all there. The exhilaration you would feel there has the same quality as that of the popular program called ‘Geinojin Kakuduke Check’, which is broadcast during the New Year holidays every year. In either program, the MC is Hamada Masatoshi, and he is the key person in both for sure. He doesn’t care whether the entertainer is a first rate or not, plus he treats them lightly making the audience laugh, and I can’t come up with anyone who is a match for him as an MC.


 The main feature in this program is ‘The Ranking in Making Up a Haiku’, for sure. The correction made by Natsui Itsuki itself seems like an art. There is something about it that makes me feel like calling it ‘the art of correction’. It is exhilarating that she relentlessly judges and corrects the haikus made by somebody like a big-name actor, a star who graduated from Tokyo university, and so on. That’s why even the viewer are overjoyed with the one who made the haiku when it is praised.


 Actually, I wasn’t interested in haiku at all, but now I feel like making up a haiku, I think this TV program deserves some awards because it stimulates viewers' interests so much.