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エビ中カレンダーで知った曲:私立恵比寿中学「結ばれた想い」 A Song I Learned from the Calendar Featuring Ebichu: ‘Musubareta Omoi’ by Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku


 It is one of my daily delights to turn over a page of the calendar. One of their songs is written on each page of Ebichu’s daily calendar. There are a few songs that I didn’t know among them and I felt ashamed of my ignorance but also pleased. This song called ‘Musubareta Omoi’ is one of them. 



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空っぽのままで ただ眺めてる

繋がれていたい気持ちが そっと


 A starless night and a drifting cloud

 I just watch it with an empty feeling in my heart

 My desire to belong to you

 quietly appears damaging my daily life


you only live once ただ刻んでいくんだ

君とstay highもう眺めてるだけじゃ だめなのは知った

輝いた朝 迎えたいの きっと僕らだけじゃないだろう

 you only live once, so you just have to live your life

 I’ll stay high with you and I’ve learned that it’s not enough just to look at them

 We are not the only one wanting for the brilliant morning


ねぇ 忘れたいくらいの 目を閉じていたあの夜も

かけがえのないものだと 知った僕らはいく

 You know, I want to forget the night we spent closing our eyes

 We came to know even such a night is so precious so we set off now



僕らはきっと走り続ける 灰に染まるこの夜と


いつのまにか輝いていた 足跡と僕らの声

 As long as we won’t lose the emotional connection between us

 I’m sure we keep on running in the night grey

 We are going to fly away to the sky

 Our footprints and voices were shining before we knew it



 This song is a B-side track from the single called ‘Trendy Girl’. It was also a tie-in song of the 100th anniversary of ‘Calpis’, a Japanese soft drink, The lyrics and the music were written by Sanari. Sanari is a rapper. 


 Now is the time to be patient for fans of Ebichu until Yasumoto Ayaka comes back. Even so, someone who has only been a fan for a couple of years like me can enjoy a lot of songs that he or she hasn’t listened to intently. The other day, Kasiwagi Hinata appeared in the TV program called ‘Chidori no Oni Renchan’. She couldn’t win the Karaoke game ten times in a row, but I was proud of her singing skills. I want her to try it again.   





私立恵比寿中学 EVERYDAY CALENDAR ([実用品])

私立恵比寿中学 EVERYDAY CALENDAR ([実用品])

  • 発売日: 2020/12/10
  • メディア: カレンダー