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今夕生放送!:「エビ中 バンドのみんなと大学芸会2020エビ中とニューガムラッド」(フジテレビTWO)に備えて2019のBlu-rayで気持ち準備中 Streaming Live in This Evening!: ‘Ebichu Band no Minna to Daigakugeikai 2020 Ebichu to New Comrade’(FujiTVTWO), I’m getting myself ready for it watching the blu-ray of 2019 version



 They will stream it on 4 p.m. That is a concert by Ebichu featuring a big band. And this is the last performance of the three days, held on 18th, 26th, and today, 27th.  


 The venue is ‘Tokyo Garden Theater’, which is located in a shopping complex in Koto ward. I saw so many tweets last evening which are tweeted by fans of Ebichu who were going to enter the venue, and they made me get the fidgets. I couldn’t help watching the Blu-ray of the Daigakegeikai in 2019 to slow myself down.



 As for the 2019 version, I’ve already listened to the CD version, which was released in June, intently. Although I had a feeling that I’ve learned enough about what the concert was like, I was actually overwhelmed by the video. Some conversations or playacting between the performances, which I couldn’t tell from the CD, made me smile. Each song conveys their attractiveness directly even more. What impressed me most was the great performance by the band. I couldn’t even believe that they are the same concert.


 Far from slowing myself down. watching the video all the more made me fidgeted. I heard that all the members of the band are women this year. I can’t wait for 4 p.m. this evening.