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プレイリストに入れたい曲:私立恵比寿中学「涙は似合わない」 A song to add to my playlist: ‘Namida wa Niawanai’ by Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku


 I wrote an article a little while ago which says that I’ll do what I can do anything, even if it’s just a little thing, for Yasumoto Ayaka until the day when she will come back to Ebichu. The thing I decided to do was to play the song called ‘Te o Tsunago’ on a streaming service every morning. I’m doing so every day for sure. In addition to that, I’m searching their earlier songs to find ones which isare to my liking and add them to my playlist.


 The song I mention here is ‘Namida wa Niawanai’, which is from a 2014 single called ‘Haitateki’. I love ‘Haitateki’, of course, and this song is as good as that. 



  • provided courtesy of iTunes


【Yasumoto】 I will win!   



(Laugh! Laugh! Laugh!)

(Laugh! Laugh! Laugh!)



    胸張って 大声で答えられますか?

【Mayama】”What’s your dream for the future?”

            Can you proudly say it out loud?



【Nakayama】It is not that you have only one option

              The more choices, the better



【Hoshina】The way leads to your dream

            The days are so hard and not easy at all



【Hirota】Gritting your teeth

     You are sparkling despite getting all muddied



【Kashiwagi】Stand up bravely any number of times

                Fortune will smile on you for sure



【All】Laugh! Laugh! Laugh! Look up

      Tears don’t become you



 This song, which starts with a powerful voice of Yasumoto Ayaka, lifts my spirit. The lyrics are straightforward and positive. This song was written by A.F.R.O. I listened to a couple of their songs. They were also positive and lifted my spirit, too.


 Recently, Ebichu gains recognition through some media like Kan Jam, which is a TV program, TikTok and so on. it seems natural to me that really good songs must be recognized, even so I’m really glad to hear that as a fan of them. Ebichu is really blessed with good songs from the early ones to the latest ones.    



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