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ネットで観れるTVありがたい:私立恵比寿中学「ちゅうおん」の生中継(フジテレビtwoにて視聴) Online TV programs are quite good: The live streaming of Ebichu’s concert called ‘Chu-on’ by Fuji TV two

 いい時代に生きています。観れるはずのないライブを、家に居ながらにして観ることができる時代です。秩父ミューズパークで開催された「エビ中 秋麗と轡虫と音楽のこだま 題して『ちゅうおん』2020」の生中継を、フジテレビtwoで視聴しました。

 We live in a great era. We can enjoy a concert live at home without going there. I watched the concert called ‘Ebichu Akiurara to Kutsuwamushi to Ongaku no Kodama, shortened to “Chu-on” 2020’ held at Chichibu Muse Park in real time on Fuji TV two.



 You can use this service for 1,100 yen per month and this service was originally designed for some online TV services such as SkyPerfecTV, cable TV, etc. but you can choose the direct streaming service so you watch its programs on your computer or smartphone. This time I used the direct streaming service connecting my computer to my TV so I could watch it on my TV.   



 ‘Chuon’ consists of two concerts a day, the daytime one and the night-time one. The concert I watched this time was the night-time one, the last performance, on the second day. ‘Chuon’is quite different from the ordinary one because the audience has to stay sitting without penlight, even call and response was not allowed, so they just intently listen to the music and the songs. The music played by the band called ‘Ebichu band’, which has 13 performers including the horn section and the strings, was so enjoyable apart from the songs.


 I’m going to mention my impressions of their performance next time.