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アルバム・レビュー:東京事変「音楽」 Album Reviews: ‘Ongaku’ by Tokyo Jihen


 I’ve listened almost exclusively to this album for the past week. Far from getting tired of it, I continue to find something new. I enjoyed it overall at first, then I'm relishing the details now. Tokyo Jihen finally released their new album for the first time in ten years as a full album and this is as great as I expected it would be.  


 The following are the tracks from this album.

01 孔雀 Peacock       作詞 椎名林檎  作曲 浮雲椎名林檎

02 毒味 Foretaste      作詞 椎名林檎  作曲 亀田誠治

03 紫電 Lightning      作詞 椎名林檎  作曲 伊澤一葉

04 命の帳 Veil of Life     作詞 椎名林檎  作曲 伊澤一葉

05 黄金比 The Golden Ratio 作詞 椎名林檎  作曲 浮雲

06 青のID Blue Period    作詞 椎名林檎  作曲 椎名林檎

07 闇なる白 Whiteout     作詞 椎名林檎  作曲 伊澤一葉

08 赤の同盟 Red Alliance   作詞 椎名林檎  作曲 伊澤一葉

09 銀河民 The Galactic Man 作詞 椎名林檎  作曲 浮雲伊澤一葉

10 獣の理 View of Life    作詞 椎名林檎  作曲 亀田誠治

11 緑酒 Awakening     作詞 椎名林檎  作曲 伊澤一葉

12 薬漬 Overdose      作詞 椎名林檎  作曲 伊澤一葉

13 一服 Breather       作詞作編曲 椎名林檎


 The names of the tracks are arranged in symmetry as ever. The fifth track called Golden Ratio is placed at the point which makes the golden ratio. On a closer view, you can see some color contrasts. Those things that arouse the playful spirit exhilarates me. I bought the first limited edition and it included the single CD of Red Alliance (in addition to the title song, Sweetie Reasons and The Lost Throne are included, too), so I can enjoy 15 songs in total. It’s a real bargain, isn’t it?



 I have an impression that their sounds have become easier to listen to compared to previous ones on the whole, plus, as a band, they also evolved and deepened in some ways. Every one of the members, in my opinion, has an image as a lone-wolf musician, even so as a pack of wolves they have great connections with each other. I even have a feeling that they are actually on really good terms.


 As I continue to listen to this album, I find every single track is catchy in nature. They appeared in Music Station, a TV program, the other day and played the 9th track called The Galactic Man for the first time. I realized again how good the song was. As for Awakening, the latest single, the chorus part of it is so catchy that I can call it an earworm.    


 I recommend you to give this album a try if you have not.