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めちゃくちゃカッコいい曲:坂本真綾「宇宙の記憶」 Songs so cool: “Uchu no Kioku” by Maaya Sakamoto


坂本真綾 - 宇宙の記憶(Short Ver.)_TVアニメ『BEM』オープニングテーマ

 I’m afraid it’s a rather old topic, but the song called “Uchu no Kioku” by Maaya Sakamoto, which was released on July 24, was written and arranged by Ringo Sheena. The band who played the music is SOIL&"PIMP"SESSIONS, so it sounds jazzy and overwhelmingly cool.


林原めぐみ「薄ら氷心中」Music Video

林原めぐみ「今際の死神」Music Video

 When I heard that Ringo would offer a song to a voice actor it made me remember a couple of songs such as “Usuragori Shinjyu”, “Imawa no Shinigami”, which were offered to Megumi Hayashibara by her, too. Now I listen to this song, “Uchu no Kioku”, and I see how the singer is attractive in the world, which Ringo created, in the same way as I did before when I listened to those two.     



 I was originally not interested in voice actors, so I’d never known how great Maaya Sakamoto was as a voice actor. I didn’t even notice that she was given the role of Rachel Berry in the American TV drama called “glee”. Music lovers were carried away by that drama and Rachel, who was one of the main characters, was laughably opinionated and impressively characteristic in it.  


 Speaking of SOIL&"PIMP"SESSIONS, The Great Satsumanian Hestival 2019, which is promoted by Tabu Zombie who is the trumpeter of the band, will be held on Oct. 5 and 6 in Kagoshima prefecture. Ringo is going to appear on the stage as she did last year. I’m really feeling frustrated because I can’t go to the festival even though I live in the same island Kyusyu.