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長崎んもんは知っとる 「かにや」のおにぎり:Something unique in Nagasaki rice balls of “KANIYA"


 What do you think of having rice balls after drinking? I guess it sounds a bit weird for you to do so, but it’s rather common in Nagasaki. However, the place we have them is limited. The restaurant is called “Kaniya” which specializes in rice balls.


 長崎の飲み屋街の一つに銅座と呼ばれる場所があります。思案橋や丸山,新地(中華街)に囲まれている銅座は,お酒はもちろん,長崎の食材をいろんなお店で堪能できる場所です。昭和40年創業の「かにや」は,この銅座の一角に店を構えて50年以上になります。 かにやで選べるおにぎりは20種類以上です。一番人気は,塩サバですが、フキの佃煮であるきゃらぶき,トウガラシの葉の佃煮であるはとうがらしといった少し珍しい食材も,ここで食べるとたいへん美味しく感じます。おにぎりなんて,どこで食べても同じはずと言いたくなりますが,「かにや」のおにぎりは,なぜかよそにはない美味しさがあります。ご飯の炊き具合はもちろん,どちらかと言えばフワっとした握り具合やのりの巻き方にまでこだわった結果でしょうか。

 There is an amusement area called Doza in Nagasaki. Doza is surrounded by such districts as Shianbashi, Maruyama, and Shinchi (Chinatown) , and you can enjoy not only drinking but eating many special foods  from Nagasaki at many restaurants or taverns. “Kaniya” which started in 1965 has been there in Doza for over 50 years. You have twenty choices or more of rice balls there. The most popular one is the rice ball with salty mackerel. You can enjoy rather rare ingredients such as kyarabuki which is a simmered and soy-sauced Japanese butterbur, hatogarashi which is simmered and soy-sauced leaves of pepper and so on. You are probably wondering whether there is a difference between Kaniya’s rice balls and others’, but actually there is because Kaniya’s rice balls somehow have special tastes that other restaurants don't have. The difference perhaps comes from the way of boiling rice or the degree of pressing and shaping the rice balls or the way of wrapping the nori (a kind of seaweed), I guess.


  Their rice balls somehow go well with red miso soup. You can also enjoy some other meals like oden, skewered meat, grilled cod roe and so on, so you can have them with rice balls properly as dinner. You can order a takeout there, too, so I hope you to visit Kaniya when you come to Nagasaki.


おにぎり専門店 かにや 長崎銅座