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長崎に来たらぜひ:佐世保バーガー「Stamina本舗 Kaya本店」 Something I Want You to Give a Try in Nagasaki: ‘Stamina Honpo Kaya Honten’, A Sort of Sasebo Burger


 How filling this food is! It is offered at a reasonable price, delicious, and will fill you up for sure. Some people say that this may be the best among Sasebo burgers. I finally visited Kaya, the hamburger shop I’ve heard was so good from long ago.



 There’s no place for customers to sit inside. They take your order at the window and you receive it at the same window, too. You can eat at a table in front of the shop. They keep 20 parking space for their customers at the parking lot of the supermarket across the road from the shop so you can park your car there. I visited there several minutes past 1;00 p.m., even so people were still lined up outside the shop. I realized how popular this burger shop is. I ordered a special burger (580 yen) and French fries with skin, and the shop clerk said, “Please wait for fifteen minutes”. 



 It’s quite heavy for a burger. The buns look so unique and are very chewy. The patty is also on the hard side. The sweet, but also spicy sauce is spread so well among the ingredients like cheese, bacon, egg, tomato, lettuce, and onion. It’s so delicious. The mayonnaise, which is a characteristic of Sasebo burger, is tasty, too. The French fries also go well with the hamburger. They are cut larger than ordinary ones, salted just right and moist in the middle. The amount is good enough to go with the largish hamburger so you’ll be more than satisfied.


 I want you to give it a try when you come to Nagasaki.