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図書館にある素敵なカフェ 長崎市立図書館1F「池田屋」:The Stylish Café at the Library   “Ikeda Ya” on the Ground Floor of Nagasaki City Library



 Nagasaki City Library opened in 2008. Many citizens have visited and used this library since then because it is well-stocked and well-designed for the convenience of its users. It is located between Nagasaki Station and downtown, so this convenient location and the thirty-minute free parking are also its good points. I don’t have any expertise as a librarian like how to shelve books or things like that but I like this library. As an English learner, I’m glad that there are many more foreign books than I thought.  



 There is one more reason that makes you want to visit this library. It is the nice café called Ikeda Ya, which is located on the left side of the entrance. You can have lunch or dinner, of course, and you can also enjoy sweets here. You can refresh yourself here when you are tired of reading.



 In my case, I sometimes drop in this café before a business dinner to kill time. I feel calm just because of the stylish atmosphere of the interior. Ikeda Ya was originally a restaurant on a street called Sohukuji Dori and was famous because they served delicious food at that time. I hope you to visit this café when you come to Nagasaki.