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長崎の美味しいもの:チャイデリカの「焼小籠包」 Something Delicious in Nagasaki: Chinese restaurant Chaidelica’s “Fried Soup Dumpling”


 I’ve been watching the drama called “Watashi Teiji de Kaeri Masu” among the dramas in this season. I was attracted by the actors, Yoshitaka Yuriko, the main actor, Mukai Osamu and Uchida Yuki. I was also attracted by some delicious food featured in each episode and it is something in common with the dramas I loved.



 Higashiyama Yui, the main character played by Yoshitaka Yuriko, makes a point of leaving her office at the fixed time every evening and hurries to the Chinese restaurant called “Shanghai Hanten”. She can drink a mug of beer at half price if she can get there by 6:10, The specialty of the restaurant is soup dumpling. Watching her eating soup dumplings, which are still piping hot, and drinking beer with a relish makes me want to have them very much.



 Although I live in Nagasaki which has so many Chinese restaurant, I’ve never tried soup dumplings so far. I just wanted to eat them so I looked into them on the internet the other day and I found that the restaurant called Chaidelica is the most popular place for their “fried soup dumplings”. I saw that the set menu for lunch cost 1,080 yen including 3 fried soup dumplings. I gave it a try the other day.



 I ordered a set menu featuring a sort of fried chicken called Yu-rin-chi. They served a dish of three soup dumplings first. One of them was white, another was green and a third was pink. The waitress explained that white means pork, green means chicken and pink means shrimp, They looked really hot so I timidly took a bite and the soup overflowed from inside. They were really good just as I thought it would be so I was absorbed in eating them and about the time when I finished them the other dishes came.




 I was amazed at the quantity of Yu-rin-chi. The sauce for Yu-rin-chi and pickles taste like something good for health because they have flavors of Chinese herbal medicine. I left the restaurant feeling completely full.

 I'm going to try another set menu featuring ma-bo-do-fu next time.