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見た目が好きなプリンター:ブラザーDCP-J982 あのドラマでも見かけました A Printer That Looks Good: DCP-J982 by Brother Which Appeared in the Drama


 This is a sheer subjective impression. I didn’t even compare this printer with any other company’s products in the same price range. Plus it’s been more than 15 years since I last bought a Brother’s printer, so I have nothing to say about their upgrades. I bought this printer in July because the old one was broken, and now I feel a sense of satisfaction that I had never felt before when buying a printer.



 The best part of the printer is the design. It looks rather businesslike, not domestic, but that’s the very reason I like it. Recently, it may be a current trend to operate them by only touching the screen but the printer still has the minimum necessary buttons and that suits my taste. This printer is taller than the old one but narrower and shallower.



 The printer has some good aspects in function, too. First, it is easy to put paper in the feed tray. You can open or close the tray smoothly and you don’t need to open it fully when you set paper in it. It is also easy to set postcard or photo paper. Second, it can print quite fast. As far as I can see from others’ review, the average printing speed of this printer seems to be  lower than that of the rival companies’ products, but it can print the first page so fast that I don’t feel stressed when I print a small number of documents. I appreciate the fact that it doesn’t require so much space at the output tray. There is an ADF (Auto Document Feeder) on the upper side and that is unexpectedly useful. The ADF make the scanning easier. To my surprise, it is so easy to put on or change the ink cartridges. That is so accessible with the least stress compared to the old ones. This printer uses only four ink bottles so its running cost is not so high.



 I was so pleased when I found this printer in the drama called ‘Watashi no Kaseifu Nagisa San’ in which the printer was sitting in a room of the main character called May, played by Tabe Mikako.turkeyrice.hateblo.jp