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デートした気になれるMV⁉:私立恵比寿中学「23回目のサマーナイト」 An MV That Makes You Feel As If You Go Out with Them: ’23 Kaime no Summer Night’ by Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku


 I somehow feel as if I were going out with them while watching this video. It’s a video about each of the six members having a date and it was filmed from their boyfriends’ point of view. I can’t stop watching it so I have a feeling that summer is not over.  

私立恵比寿中学 『23回目のサマーナイト』MV




 With you トウキョウ・サマーナイト


    This year I’m having the 23rd summer night

  My skin is still hot

  I can’t go home yet

 With you Tokyo summer night

  It’s your turn to be brave!



  “Hey…, what will we do next?”



 この頃 ちょっと(ちょっと?)

 いい感じ やりとり


  I don’t remember since when things began to go this way.

  Recently, just a little bit (just a little bit?)

  Feeling good, while having conversations

  I’m self-conceited, ain’t I?



 偶然空いてる この土曜日


  We have the same tastes by chance

  We are both available on Saturday by chance

  We somehow became conscious of each other



 “The eternal junior high” Ebichu has some members who are the 17 graders (23 years old) so they can drink alcohol and go out at night. In addition to their vigor like that of junior high students, they can also behave like grown-ups so their performance has gained in breadth recently.  

 この曲が収録されたE.P.「FAMIEN ’20 e.p.」の収録曲は次の通りです。

 The contents of the E.P. called ‘FAMIEN ’20 e.p.’ are as follows.


  誘惑したいや(2020 ver.)

  Sweet of Sweet ~君に届くまで~



 ‘Yuwaku Shitaiya’, the second track, had originally been released in 2013, and this time they rerecorded it with the current six members. They had been too young to sing the song at that time, but now they’ve totally caught up with the lyrics for sure. 


 今日と明日、「エビ中 秋麗と轡虫と音楽のこだま 題して『ちゅうおん』2020」が開催されます。秩父ミューズパークで毎年行われるこの公演は、久しぶりの有観客でのイベントです。セトリにはきっと「23回目のサマーナイト」も入ることでしょう。行ける人が羨ましいですが、いつか参加するぞと勝手に決意しています。

 Today and tomorrow, they hold a concert called ‘Ebichu Akiurara to Kutsuwamushi to Ongaku no Kodama, shortened to “Chu-on” 2020’. This concert, which takes place at Chichibu Muse Park every year, is an event that finally admits an audience after a long time. The song ’23 Kaime no Summer Night’ may be sung in the concert. I envy people who can go there, and also have made up my mind to go there sometime in the future. 

FAMIEN'20 e.p.

FAMIEN'20 e.p.

  • 発売日: 2020/08/21
  • メディア: MP3 ダウンロード

エビ中、ヒャダイン作曲で“水道水”への愛を歌う!? WEB動画『Sweet of Sweet ~君に届くまで~』