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家飲みにぴったり?:アップル・バーボン(ベレンツェン) Something that is just right for drinking at home: Apple bourbon (Berentzen)


 I like bourbon whiskey. Although I soon get drunk, I tend to drink it neat wanting to enjoy the flavor. I couldn’t go out for drinking for the last few months so I’ve bought several kinds of bourbons, which are not so expensive, and enjoyed them.



 I saw Jim Beam Apple among bourbons on the shelf at a nearby supermarket the other day and decided to give it a try. I drank it neat at first as usual and ended up feeling bad because it was too sweet. I didn’t want to throw it away so tried it again mixing it with soda and felt so good because it was really tasty. I became interested in bourbon with liqueurs so I searched for them on the internet and found one that made me feel like giving it a try.



 What I found was Apple Bourbon produced by Berentzen in Germany. I tried it neat. It is sweet for sure but not too much and quite refreshing. You can enjoy it as it is. It is not so strong and has 28 % alcohol by volume. It is so tasty that I prefer to have it neat rather than with soda.


 Now I want to drink various types of bourbon with liqueurs.