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見た目は「キーン」、でも「ギーン」と同質?:面白いサンダル買いました  Looks Like a Pair of Sandals by KEEN, but with the Same Quality as GEEN? : I bought a pair of sandals that attracted my attention


 Although I’m not the guy who goes to the ocean so much, I love sandals produced by KEEN. I love their designs and am also amazed by the durability. The one I’ve had is of a series called CLEAR WATER, and I’ve been using it for everyday use even for 5 years but, to my surprise, it is still in good condition.  



 I wanted to see the latest series of their products, so I checked on the internet to be intrigued in a series called UNEEK. The type called UNEEK01 is a type of sandal which have a strap on the heel and the other type called UNEEK02 is a type of sneaker with the heel covered.



 I was really interested in them and kept on searching, then I finally found a pair of sandals that attracted my attention. The price of them that I had seen were at least about ten thousand yen, but the one I found was less than five thousand yen. The headline said, “The same quality with KEEN’s but NOBRAND”. I read the explanation to see it said, “Ordered to the factory, which produces for KEEN, to supply sandals with 99% the same material and design as KEEN”. I actually didn’t know what it was driving at, but I clicked “order” button on impulse due to the reasonable price.



 What I noticed after I ordered it was the fact that what is written there was “GEEN” in stead of “KEEN”. I got intrigued in even more. It was finally delivered after a week and what the sandal was like was…….  





 The design and the sizes were just as I had thought so I was relieved. The sole was as soft as CLEAR WATER’s and I found it fitting so well and feeling so good. There might be some differences from KEEN in details such as the material for the strap on the heel or some other things. However, I was more than satisfied with the price and the quality.

 I boasted about the pair of sandals to people around me and they were very pleased clapping their hands.