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好きなアルバムから3曲:関取花「あの子はいいな」(3rdアルバム「ただの思い出にならないように」より③) Picking out three songs from one of my favorite albums: ‘Anoko wa Iina’ by Hana Sekitori (From her third album ‘Tada no Omoide ni Naranaiyo ni’③)


 Hana Sekitori attracted people’s attention with a song ‘Betsu ni’, distributed in 2016, and she became known as  ‘The Queen of complex songs’ for some time.

関取花 べつに


 One of the charms of Hana Sekitori is slightly sarcastic humor for sure. In this song ‘Anoko wa Iina’, which is contained in her 3rd album, she shows that aspect and I can’t help smiling whenever I listen to it.

関取 花 "あの娘はいいな"@Gypsy Avalon フジロック18 

 あの子はいいな あの子はいいな

 高い部屋 高い服 高い飯食って

 満たされてんだ 満たされてんだ


 She is lucky. She is lucky

    Expensive room, expensive clothe, expensive food

    She is satisfied  She is satisfied

    Why does she have such a huge amount of money 

 見てりゃわかるさ 身の丈以上だ


 なんか臭うな 内緒にするから


    You can see the reason soon enough. Just out of proportion with her means

    She doesn’t deserve them. That’s so lame

    Something smells fishy. I can keep a secret

    Why don’t we go out for a drink?



 I don’t know whether we can call it complex or not, but I can laugh heartily because there’s no contempt in it despite the exhilarating sarcasm. This song is very short, only 2 minutes 13 seconds long, even so, it is quite impressive.


 There are many female singers who can perform with just a guitar in recent years. Kayoko Yoshizawa, Sachie Hiraga, Aimyon, KanekoAyano and so on, each of them has a particular charm. They are the type of singers who I want to hear sing live. I want to go to Hana Sekitori’s concert as soon as possible after this corona disaster is over.









  • アーティスト:関取 花
  • 発売日: 2018/06/13
  • メディア: CD