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I was impressed by NHK「SONGS」 featuring吉澤嘉代子





 Yoshizawa Kayoko, a singer-songwriter who I’ve been watching by myself for the last few years, was featured in a NHK’s TV program titled “SONGS”, so I was absolutely delighted. I got to know her by a song named “手品”which I happened to find on Amazon’s digital music and I listened to it a little, I was soon fascinated with her voice’s quality and her unique diction that somewhat reminds me of Siina Ringo, plus, with the catchy and cheerful melody. Since then I was into some of her songs like “綺麗”,”泣き虫ジュゴン”, and I’ve been wondering why people don’t watch her more, so I was really glad to see the program covered her finally.


 I was surprised at some of her episodes such as her only friend was a dog or she was a dropout since she was a five grader in elementary school, I was also somehow convinced about her lyrics which is not so simple and the subtleness of her character I had felt. The artists who has supported her are big stars such as Izawa itiyou, an ex-member of Tokyo Jihen, and Sokabe Keiiti from Sunny-day Service, etc. I'm really looking forward to see her wonderful work from now on.

吉澤嘉代子「綺麗」MUSIC VIDEO