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好きなアルバムから3曲:関取花「親知らず」(3rdアルバム「ただの思い出にならないように」より②) Picking out three songs from one of my favorite albums: ‘Oyashirazu’ by Hana Sekitori (From her third album ‘Tada no Omoide ni Naranaiyo ni’②)


 I’m not the type to cry listening to a song. However, tears somehow roll down my cheeks when I listen to this song. The lyrics are so good that it comes home to me. I guess this is a song in which her skills as a singer are well shown, because she talked that her starting point was singing to her own guitar accompaniment. The structure of this song is so simple, and this is the very reason why her skills as a singer are outstanding there.

関取花 親知らず LIVE at Shinagawa Inter City Hall 2018/8/18 

 言えないことが増えるたび 大人になれた気がしてた

 嘘が上手につけるたび 賢くなれた気がしてた

  The more I had things that I couldn’t tell you, the more I felt I was growing up

   The more easily I can tell you lies, the smarter I felt I becoming


 なにかを抱えていなきゃ 不安で仕方なかった

 満たされないふりしたかった あの頃

 真っ暗闇の奥に隠してた 痛みがありました

   I couldn’t help feeling uneasy unless I had a problem

   I wanted to pretend not to be satisfied at that time

   There was a pain I hid in the back of the darkness


 あなたの知らないうちに あなたの知らないうちに

 大きく育ってしまった 親知らずが

 ズキンズキンとうずくたび あなたのせいにしたくなり


   Before you were aware of it, before you were aware of it

   The wisdom tooth had grown up

   And whenever it stung, I wanted to blame it on you

   So I locked the door



 ‘You’, in these lyrics, may mean either of father or mother. Anyway, I’m deeply moved by the word ‘oya shirazu’ (this word usually means wisdom tooth, but if you take it literally, ‘oya’ means parents and ‘sirazu’ means ‘who cares’).  I feel like crying in both ways, the one imagining the feeling of adolescent children, and the other imagining the feeling of the parents who cannot communicate well with their children.

Hana Sekitori Oyashirazu


 I didn’t know at the time that this song was aired in a TV program for children called ’Minna no Uta’ by NHK from April through May in 2018. I think this song is just right for this TV program. In this connection I may add that some big artists are unexpectedly featured in this program such as Ringo Sheena, SMAP, and so on, so I’m impressed sometimes.

NHK みんなのうた best friend/SMAP



  • アーティスト:関取 花
  • 発売日: 2018/06/13
  • メディア: CD


  • 発売日: 2018/06/13
  • メディア: MP3 ダウンロード