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She came to Nagasaki: あの人が長崎に! 吉澤嘉代子さん 長崎ラブフェスに出演



 It was something I didn’t expect at all. I looked at tweets on twitter and I was surprised to find Yoshizawa Kayoko, one of my favorite singers, tweeted “I’m going to Nagasaki today!”. I had been careless enough that I didn’t know my favorite artist was going to appear in an event called LOVEFES, held by local broadcasting stations in Nagasaki. LOVEFES is an event which takes place on a weekend at this time of year and you can enjoy live performance of many artists for free. The lineup of the artists this year was as follows. 



 吉澤嘉代子さんは,つい先日,清 竜人(きよしりゅうじん)さんというアーチストとのデュエット「目が醒めるまで」をYouTubeに公開しています。11月7日には新譜「女優姉妹」が発売されますが,その後に行われるツアーでは福岡にも来られる模様。このツアーには東京事変伊澤一葉さんも参加されるとのことで,ますます楽しみです。

 I was overwhelmed by the gripping power of her live singing voice. Contrary to the first impression of her which was rather quiet and delicate, her performance with only a guitar was somewhat ferocious and her expressions on her face and the eyes are even intimidating on the big monitor screen. I just thought it’s really cool. The songs sung this time were “Muse”, “Coelacanths Dori”, “Nokotteru”, and “Tokyo Zekkei”.

 She released a MV of a duet song with Kiyoshi Ryujin, titled “Me ga Sameru Made” on YouTube the other day.  The new album titled “Jyoyu Shimai” will be released on November 7th , after that she will have a concert tour and will come to Hukuoka. Izawa Ichiyo who was a member of Tokyo Jihen is going to join the tour so I’m really looking forward to it all the more.  




女優姉妹 (初回限定盤)

女優姉妹 (初回限定盤)


吉澤嘉代子「残ってる」MUSIC VIDEO