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可笑しいけどなんかいい曲:私立恵比寿中学「コミックガール」 Funny but good songs: “Comic Girl”


 I love songs that make me laugh. I can’t help but smile by only the name of some band such as YabaT, Uchikubi Gokumon Dokokai and so on. I didn’t even imagine that I found an idol group so funny. In fact, Ebichu has many songs that are really funny, and the song called “Comic Girl”, which is contained in the 4th album “Ebicracy”, is something special. 



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  いきなりのボーカルで始まるこの曲は、「見つかれば連れ戻される さだめ さだめ さだめなの」というシリアスな歌詞と、ノイジーなギターのカッティングにまずしびれます。その後、急にコミカルな曲調に変わりますが、そこから繰り広げられる世界は、まさにコミックあるあるです。マンガオタクではない自分でもいろいろと思い当たる場面の連続に半笑いが止まらず、時々吹き出します。極めつけは、「紹介します。この子愛犬のラッキーです」のくだりです。その声と言い方の可笑しさがたまらなくて、ついに声をあげて笑ってしまいます。

 This song starts with vocal part from the beginning. The words, “If they found me, I’m sure they will take me back”, sound rather serious, and the following noisy guitar makes me carried away. Then the atmosphere suddenly changes and it becomes comical. After that, they sing something typical of the scenes that is often seen in comics. I can see what they mean even though I’m not a manga geek so I can’t help but giggling and sometimes burst out laughing. The part that is the funniest for me is “let me introduce you to my pet dog, its name is Lucky ” because the voice and the way of saying that is so funny that I laugh out loud in spite of myself.


 The vocalist who sang the part was Hirota Aika and she left this group. I know nothing about Ebichu, even the member’s names, but that’s why I can listened to their songs objectively. This idol group is still evolving for me who knew it from their 5th album. I’m sure this group called Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku entertains us with fabulous performance in real time, despite the fact that some members has left or anything that happened to them so far. 

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