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エビ中を聴いた外国人の反応は?: YouTuber Max and Sujy react to「紅の詩」 How do foreigners react to Ebichu's songs: YouTuber Max and Sujy react to "Kurenai no Uta"


 I wonder how J-pop sounds to foreigners. I'm really interested in their reactions to idol songs which seems to be particularly like Japanese among J-pop. I come to know this video by a reply to my tweet from a fan of Ebichu on Twitter the other day. 



 They took up `Kurenai no Uta ` , the one I love best among Ebichu's songs. On top of that, they cite my translation of the lyrics from my blog. Both Max and Suji seemed to like this song and reacted excitingly. 



 I'd like to translate what they say in this video. Actually, I'm not confident in my listening skills, but even so I want to do it in order to improve my skills. I won't take up all their words but some of them. This time I'll cover the part before the song starts.


 Max started this program with the following words.

`Today, we have an amazing streamlabs that is a suggestion by someone who is anonymous


※streamlabs は彼らのサイト名です。


 Then he read out loud the request from the anonymous person and the explanation about Ebichu showing the citation source. There is a misleading part about the contracted name `Ebichu ` in Wikipedia so they were surprised and it says as follows.

`...which can mean "in a shrimp "`

「...  『エビの中』ともとれる」


 It is quite risky to swallow everything written in Wikipedia



 The following is what he says after reading out the translation of the lyrics,

`My god, they are really talking in a poetic way. it's really difficult to understand the lyrics... `

「うわぁ、詩のように書かれていて、歌詞を理解するのがほんとに難しい... 」


 After that, they play the song and start to show their reactions to it.

 To be continued.  



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