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Songs I was amazed by : 衝撃を受けた曲 打首獄門同好会「猫の惑星」






 I’m sure there are many people who like cats. You must be fascinated by, of course, their cute mannerism, or even their contemptuous attitude that they show when they are sure that there is no danger after showing too much unnecessary caution. The way they exude their pride as relatives of lions makes me feel them so admirable or exhilarating that I almost forgive some cats from neighbors using my small flower bed as a toilet (of course, I won’t).

  I encountered a song which teaches me there are so deep feelings of love to cats that those who are superficial cat- lovers turn pale. It was “Neko no Wakusei” by Uchikubi Gokumon Doukoukai. At first I was just overwhelmed by the band’s name then I was amazed by the title of the song, “Neko no Wakusei”.    



「たとえ私がさむくても たとえ私が困っても 猫がよければ問題なし 尽くし続ける愛の形」

「僕らはこの世に 猫を愛でる運命(さだめ)のもとに生まれてきた者なんだろう」

「僕らのこの星は 猫が生まれくる運命を背負って回っているんだろう」



 The impression which people have in their mind when they hear the movie’s title “Saru no Wakusei (Planet of the Apes)”is just serious, on the other hand, the impression you have when you see the appearance of words of the title “Neko no Wakusei” is how fishy and funny it looks. Feeling thrilled, I listened to the song in Amazon digital music store before buying it and I was sure that it was extremely a good song as I had expected. Impatiently, I downloaded it to play it again and again, I can’t stop smiling slightly because of the way of descriptions of the deep feeling of love to cats. The lyrics go as follow.

“Even if I felt cold, or I were in trouble, it’s OK as long as cats are happy.”

I believe we were born destined to love cats.”

I believe our planet rotates destined to be a place where cats are born.”

“We live in this planet where cats live.”

 I’m almost overwhelmed by these lyrics wondering they are really all right.


 Uchikubi Gokumon Doukoukai is so called a three-piece band. They aim “loud rock in daily life ”, and their every tune is funny and humorous. I was also amazed by a music video titled “I don’t want to get out of Huton”.