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Funny but good songs : 可笑しいけどなんかいい曲 坂本慎太郎 : 「あなたもロボットになれるfeat.かもめ児童合唱団」



 More than ten years ago, my best friend who loves music most of all recommended me to listen to songs of a band. In the first place, I was amazed by the name of the band. The band was Yurayura Teikoku. Soon after that I bought a CD but I couldn’t understand how good it was at that time. I then found some of their songs were really good, for example, ”Yurayura Teikoku de Kangaetyu”, “Hate Ningen wa” and “Atama Tansan Lady”, so they became my favorite band. After this band split up, Sakamoto Shintaro who was the vocalist and guitarist of the band has been working on many kind of things like releasing solo albums and making an ending song for a TV drama titled “Mahoro Ekimae Bangaichi” and so on. 

頭炭酸レディ ゆらゆら帝国


 Of all his works, the one I feel very unusual is a collaboration with Kamome children’s choir titled “Anata mo Robot ni Nareru”. It is a song really adorable because children are singing it sweetly making an all-out effort and the lyrics are a little bit surreal but humorous. It still makes me smile whenever I hear it even after I listened to it so many times.