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Funny but good songs 可笑しいけどなんかいい曲:ギエドレ「みんなウンチする」


 When it comes to western music, I think of British or American rock or pop music, but no matter when it is there has been a standard French pops. There have been many songs I’m familiar with like “Love Is Blue” or “Tout Tout Pour Ma Cherie” and so on. In the 1990s I was thrilled with some Clementine’s ennui songs. Although I ‘ve felt there haven’t been good French songs for these several years, I was excited with a title of a tune sung by a female singer named Giedre about who I saw an article in “Music Magazine”a couple of years ago. The title was “Minna Unchi Suru”. I tried to listen to it on YouTube ASAP and I ended up laughing while being amazed. If I was a primary school boy I couldn’t helped writhing with this hilarious title, but I thought this song is great. In YouTube it’s impressive that Giedre stands leaning her back against a tree. (Has she done it in the forest?)



 The wind chimes ringing and the song starts with rather a serious introduction and then crisp French lyrics are sung on a first melody (which is maybe called A melo in Japanese pops), after that you hear her singing “Anata to Watashi” in Japanese at a part maybe called B melo in Japanese pops. When the song reached the catchy part of it in quite serious tone, she sings resonantly “Minna Unchi Suru”. At first it was sung in rather subdued way but in the second half all you can hear is almost only “Unchi” so that you can’t count how many times she says it, and then the song ends. Explaining that way, I’m afraid that it sounds like the song is just a ridiculous one, but in reality, it is tremendously good and whenever I hear it that still makes me smile and thrilled. I believe it could be a kind of standards in French pops history. By the way, a song titled “Tachi Shon” is contained in the same album.