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コラボレーションが生み出す面白さ:大森靖子「絶対彼女feat.道重さゆみ」 The Unpredictable Appeal of a Collaboration: “Zettai Kanojyo feat. Michishige Sayumi” by Omori Seiko


 I wrote with emphasis about how good the collaboration called “Anote, Konote” by sumika and Yoshizawa Kayoko is before. Sometimes unexpected collaborations can produce unpredictable great results, and “Kemono Yuku Hosomichi” by Shiina Ringo and Miyamoto Hiroji was another example of that. 



 I found that the song called “Zettai Kanojyo feat. Michishige Sayumi” by Omori Seiko, released on March 13, is also the great result of a collaboration. The mere fact that it is the collaboration of Omori Seiko, who is one of the wildest female singers, and Michishige Sayumi, a pop star who is a former member of Morning Musume, makes me smile a lot. Plus the words are somewhat funny so I’m exhilarated.  

大森靖子『絶対彼女 feat. 道重さゆみ』(MV)

 このシングルのカップリング曲には更に驚きました。「“LOW hAPPYENDROLL-少女のままで死ぬ-feat. 平賀さち枝”」です。自分にとって声の可愛さNo.1の平賀さち枝さんをここにもってきてくれたことが本当に嬉しくて大喜びしました。

 I was surprised even more when I knew about the song accompanying the title song on the CD. The song was called “LOW hAPPYENDROLL- Shojyo no Mama de Shinu- feat. Hiraga Sachie”. I was overjoyed because I had thought Hiraga Sachie had the prettiest voice among female singers and she was there.   


 それにしても大森靖子さんのこのエネルギーはなんでしょう。初期のミニアルバム「PINK」を聴いたときの衝撃は忘れません。子供の頃屈辱だった樋屋奇応丸(ひや きおうがん)を一瓶飲ませたいほどの疳(かん)の強さでした。メジャーファーストアルバムの「洗脳」で大ファンになりましたが、「子供じゃないもん17」「私は面白い絶対面白いたぶん」などにあふれる強烈なめんどくささにしびれていました。

 By the way, I’ve been always amazed by Omori Seiko’s energy. I never forget the impact I had when I listened to her early mini album called “PINK” for the first time. That sounded so crazy that I wanted to make her take a bottle of the pills called “Hiya Kiogan”, the medicine somewhat humiliating I used to have in my childhood, I became a big fan of her since I listened to her first major album called “Sen-no” and I was fascinated by her weirdness and clumsiness which were to be seen in some songs like “Kodomo jya Naimon 17” or “Watashi wa Omoshiroi Zettai Omoshiroi Tabun” and so on.



 Omori Seiko have long since spoken openly she has been a big fan of Michishige Sayumi, and Shibata Aribobo, the bassist of Yaba T, is also known as an enthusiastic fan of Sayumi. Now I somehow feel like becoming a fan of a pop idol expanding my interests. 

絶対彼女 feat. 道重さゆみ(2CD+DVD)

絶対彼女 feat. 道重さゆみ(2CD+DVD)