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The tunes I was amazed by : 衝撃を受けた曲 大森靖子「呪いは水色」





大森靖子「私は面白い絶対面白いたぶん」(short ver.) MusicClip - YouTube

 大森靖子 「さようなら 呪いは水色」 - YouTube


 The musical journal I often read is “Music Magazine ” . I sometimes buy some tunes after reading an article of it about an artist that attracts me. It was quite a few years ago, in the issue of October in 2014, a female rock singer who is a groupie of a hello-project idol was featured. That was the first time for me to know the name of Oomori Seiko. I was then amazed when I listened to her first major album titled “Sennou” which was released two months after the issue. A feeling of velocity with deep and thick sound, lyrics which make you smile with too much self-complacent expressions, and being full of melodies which is so catchy that make me wonder how many ideas she has, I found that even in a tune there were so many kinds of melodies, and they could be seen anywhere from the introduction to the end, so I was into it with the feeling of dizzy.


  Each song’s title also made me laugh, for example, “absolutely desperately being in perfect condition”, “I’m funny absolutely probably” or “a grilled-meat-date with him”. Among those titles beyond the imagination, the one I was especially captivated was “Curse is blue”. I thought the title is a kind of joke that purposely remind people of “Love is blue” by Claudine Longet, but I found it really good song soon after I listened to it. In striking contrast to other tunes’ noisy sound, it starts with a quiet introduction by the acoustic guitar and it is really worth listening to its lyrics or arrangements, so I’m always thrilled when it is played. I heard this song was a theme song for a movie “Wonderful World End ”.