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衝撃のコラボレーション:sumika & 吉澤嘉代子「あの手、この手」  An Amazing Collaboration : sumika and Yoshizawa Kayoko “Ano Te Kono Te”


 I was surprised by the gap between the image I had in my mind and what the song is really like. I was amazed when I listen to the song called “Ano Te Kono Te”, which is a collaboration of sumika and Yoshizawa Kayoko, due to the unpredictable song structure and the fabulousness, which is beyond all imagination. 



  • provided courtesy of iTunes


 I was just pleased when I heard about the collaboration song in sumika’s 2nd album, because Both of them are my favorite musicians. I simply predicted that she will join them as a chorus or a vocalist performing in a duet.


 Expecting a cheerful song like sumika, I was surprised when I hear Kataoka Kenta’s voice which is harmonized by someone, then ended up getting into it because the melody is somewhat serious. It sounded like a song about lovers but somehow the melody and words were full of tension. I kept waiting Yoshizawa Kayoko’s chorus or something in vain till the end of the first verse. After feeling totally faked, the second verse suddenly started with her solo. I was taken aback and then I found the words becoming more serious, and the song come to an end rather anticlimactically with the words “It didn’t become a love”.


 Kataoka Kenta and Yoshizawa Kayoko never performs in a duet in the song. I’m wondering that that kind of collaboration has ever existed. The distance between the two singers clearly brought out the theme of this song, a fruitless love, in full relief. The more you listen to it, the more you realize the fabulousness of the song structure, and you ended up exhilarated even though this is a song of unrequited love. I’ve never known such a song like this.


 The 2nd album of sumika is worth listening to only with this track, on top of that, you will find many other good songs in it for sure. I’d like to review this album next time.